[Video] The Dudes of Hazzard – Joe Barnes ”Tight in Places”



The summer is in full swing and so I have decided to boot up a video blog to document the happenings for whats already a big 2016. The usual Dudes capers in some bite size portions to keep the spirits peaking all summer long.

Building trails is a favourite past time for me and a solid day digging is only second to a solid day riding. Or a solid day digging followed by a solid days riding on whats just been dug in is probably the ultimate. I set about something fun and easy this time as I hacked my new line into the hill side. I think its a trail builders curse that once you ride your creation it’s always tighter that planned. Making the most of the pedal up or just loving a turn slap its always too tight when I dig. This new creation is on the tight side but then maybe thats the challenge? I reckon about 5 laps in and its riding perfect. The ruts are narrow but strong and the line swooshes from rut to rut with ease. No dead spots or time to sit back. Just hammer some turns, pop out the bottom and go for another lap.

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