[Video] The New Santa Cruz Bronson & 5010

Santa Cruz just updated its bread and butter range including Juliana, its sister brand for women, with a new, fully updated version of 4 of their models: Bronson, 5010, Roubion and Furtado. The new models of the Californian brand are equipped with more of a propensity to descend, with largely updated suspension systems. Let’s find out the details of each of the 4 new products.


Santa Cruz Bronson

The new Bronson is clearly inspired by its older brother, the Nomad, with a redesigned VPP system, with its shock absorber anchored to the lower connecting linkage instead of the upper one as on previous Bronson models.

The compression curve is linear in the first part of travel and progressive in the final few bits. The frame offers 150mm of travel to which a 160mm travel fork is mated. The rear shock is equipped with a practical mudguard.

The frame is offered in 3 different options: aluminum, carbon C and carbon CC. Five sizes, from XS to XL and all frames are guaranteed for life. The cable routing passes inside the frame with guide channels.

The rear end is built stout, for maximum rigidity. It can fit both 27.5 and 27.5 Plus tires, up to 2.8 inches in width.

The geometry become longer, lower and wider, defining the new Bronson as a very aggressive bike, devoted to pure fun. Thanks to a flip chip to which the shock is anchored, you can choose between two geometry settings. The colors available are: Blue and Gray.


Specs and prices

Bronson AR : € 3,899
Bronson AS : € 4,899

Bronson CR : € 4,699
Bronson CS : € 5,499
Bronson CS Reserve : € 6,699

Bronson CC X01 : € 7,399
Bronson CC X01 Reserve : € 8,599
Bronson CC XX1 Reserve : € 9,999
Bronson CC XTR Reserve : € 10,299

Juliana Roubion

The equivalent of the Bronson in the Juliana line, the new Roubion, acquires the same characteristics as the sister of the Santa Cruz staple. The availability of sizes is limited to 3 choices. The geometry optimized for the female destination. The only color available is the Green one pictured below.


Specs and prices

Roubion AR : € 3,899

Roubion CR : € 4,699
Roubion CS : € 5,499

Roubion CC X01 : € 7,399
Roubion CC X01 Reserve : € 8,599
Roubion CC XTR Reserve : € 10,299

Santa Cruz 5010

With 130mm of travel at both wheels and a revised suspension platform the 5010 is aimed at more aggressive riding.

The new 5010 is available in 3 different versions: aluminum, carbon C and carbon CC. All frames are guaranteed for life and are available in 5 different sizes.

The rear end’s uprights gain noticeably stiffness and the 5010 can accommodate 27.5 or 27.5 Plus tires, up to 2.8 inches in width.

The bottom bracket is threaded, the cable housing is sleeved inside the frame. The bike also has plenty of protection and two mounts for water bottle holders.

The geometry is substantially longer, lower and more relaxed than the previous models, and thanks to a flip chip it can be adjusted between two different positions.

Two colors available: Black and Purple.


Specs and prices

5010 AD : € 3,199
5010 AR : € 3,699
5,010 AS : € 4,699

5010 CR : € 4,499
5010 CS : € 5,199
5,010 CS Reserve : € 6,399

5010 CC X01 : € 7,099
5010 CC X01 Reserve : € 8,299
5010 CC XX1 Reserve : € 9,699
5010 CC XTR Reserve : € 9,999

Juliana Furtado

The geometry targets the female audience for the Furtado of the Juliana range, which follows all the same characteristics of the 5010. Like the Roubion, availability is limited to three sizes and only one color available, the Maroon shown in the pictures.


Preparations and prices

Furtado AD : € 3,199
Furtado AR : € 3,699

Furtado CR : € 4,499
Furtado CS : € 5,199
Furtado CS Reserve : € 6,399

Furtado CC X01 : € 7,099
Furtado CC X01 Reserve : € 8,299
Furtado CC XTR Reserve : € 9,999

Santa Cruz   –  Juliana

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