[Video] The Wright Line with Keegan Wright – EP3 – ROOTS

In this episode of “The Wright Line,” Keegan Wright heads into New Zealand’s Wairoa Valley to session a network of flow-y North Island trails known collectively as “The Gorge”. This fern-cloaked paradise, located near the town of Nelson, annually hosts the Dodzy Memorial Enduro race. (Keegan podiumed at the event last year.) After a shuttle ride to the 1,200-meter summit, we follow the Kiwi phenom over the edge, as he shreds steep lines and talks about the origins of his enduro passions. Tune in for another stoke-fuelled trip.


This multipart series has Keegan test-driving his new Spartan across a few favorite trails, while showing you some of NZ’s best riding terrain.

DEV: Tell us more about your BMX pedigree.

KW: Growing up, every Wednesday night we had a local club night. I started winning those races, then I started competing in the national rounds—the North Island series and the South Island series. I eventually worked my way up to the world championships, and then switched over to mountain bikes.

It’s probably the best move I ever made.

DEV: Tell us about how you went from Downhill to enduro.

KW: I just love riding my bike. The format with downhill, where you’re sitting in shuttle queue for an hour, an hour and a half at times, and you might only get four runs in that day…. I got an enduro bike when I was about 16 years old and did a couple of local enduro races. I just fell in love with the fact that you could go out and ride your bike for six or seven hours. You’re out riding all day and having fun with really good people.

DEV: Tell us about why you chose to ride Devinci.

KW: From the beginning, I felt like Devinci had a family vibe. It felt like home. I can’t wait for the season to start, and to hang out with this great group of people.

DEV: Bonus question: Flats or clips?

I love flats. That’s how I started in BMX and mountain bikes. It’s only during the last couple of years that I switched to clips. Flats are a whole bunch of fun, but these days the clips are working better for me. They maybe keep me from getting too wild on the bike….

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