[Video] The YT Mob’s Race To The Top, Episode 4, Neko Mulally – The National Champion

This series jumps into the lives of title winning titans, both riders and staff, to give you an understanding of the characters behind the scenes of a World Cup DH racing team. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the success story that is The YT Mob’s Race to the Top.


At the recently completed US National Championships in Snowshoe West Virginia, Neko Mulally walked away victorious claiming his 3rd national title.

This year the conditions were bizarrely dry but that was of no concern to Neko, who completed a smooth and calculated run to take the title. The 25-year-old was a popular winner and there is little doubt that support from family and friends is the backbone to the American’s confidence on track; they’ve been there for him at every possible step of his journey in this sport. His brother Logan especially has stood shoulder to shoulder with Neko, and has watched him develop into who he is today:

“I’d be at the BMX races hanging out and playing in the dirt with my friends and he would always just be sitting there at the gate on his bike thinking about what he needed to do, and he’s literally always been like that,” said Logan.

In 2015, Neko had a hard time, unable to race due to injuries, but this guy isn’t one to sit around idly twiddling his thumbs, and so began the creation of Windrock Bike Park. In the past Neko, who now lives in Brevard, North Carolina, has shown maturity beyond his years by organizing downhill events such as The DH South East Series and a Pro GRT. This gave him the vision to see 72,000 acres of beautiful Tennessean landscape for what it was, a perfect opportunity to help cultivate something special for the local cycling community. Now Windrock is one of the most popular trail centers in the country, and thousands of eager bikers get themselves down and ready to better themselves on two wheels, and it’s all down to Neko’s vision.

Neko brings so much to the world of mountain biking beyond his racing;

“I used to want to be a World Champion or win the race, now I’m just finding a lot of pleasure in the process and just being better than I was the last time I raced. Downhill biking down a mountain is such a fine edge of as fast as you can go, and too fast and crash, and to win the race you have to be spot on,” said the man from The YT Mob.

Credit: YT Mob

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