[Video] This is UR World: Mick Hannah – Full episode

[Video] This is UR World: Mick Hannah – Full episode

John Reynolds, 23/12/2016


Enjoy the 30min documentary about Sik Mick Hannah , only available for 72H.


Mick grew up in Australia surrounded by a family that taught him the love of racing. He has been on the MTB world cup circuit for 15 years! After all those years Mick is still excited for each season to start and to hit the World Cup circuit. He will even tell you that he is now more excited than ever to go racing!


We followed Mick not only at the races but also at home, in the USA, to found out the balance it takes to train to be the fastest but also to just live life as it is and enjoy the simple moments of being home, spending time with his kids and his friends.