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Tracey Hannah is this small blond girl that at the first look you wouldn’t know she is one of the fastest women in MTB Downhill. To achieve this, a lot of dedication is put towards training not only physically but also mentally especially since Tracey injured herself couple times in less than a year and had to get over that fear.


Tracey is from Cairns, Australia, a vey hot and humid place filled with dangerous wild life, she says herself it might not be the best place really but she loves it. She grew up trying to follow her 2 big brothers and always pushing herself to be the fastest.


Join us as we follow Tracey at home training, riding her jetski, going to school, cruising on her moto. Tracey has strong belief that everyone, especially girls, should do whatever they want and follow their dreams. You’ll learn how Tracey got into mountain biking and the struggle of being an Australian woman racing world cups when she was 19 years old.

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Tracey is a strong and passionate person and doesn’t want to waste time not doing much. She knows what she wants to do and where she wants to be and puts all effort towards her dreams. Come find out all the hard work she puts to achieve her goals and get an insight of who she is.


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