[Video] TRAINING DAY | AZORES with Damien Oton & Theo Galy

Join Devinci/Alltricks.com Enduro rippers Damien Oton and Theo Galy on a pre-season training mission in Portugal’s paradisiacal Azores region. Fifteen hundred kilometers from mainland Europe, the nine islands of the Azores spring from the Atlantic, forming a volcanic archipelago covered in lush forest and featuring fast, flowing descents. Oton and Galy charge singletrack mainstays such as “The Cathedral”, with looks over the left shoulder into a yawning lagoon, rip ancient fishermen’s trails, and explore cultural quirks from stew brewed in the earth’s bowels—a local delicacy—to high-temp hot spring therapy. Devinci/Alltricks.com. Adventure from all angles.

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