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Agua Caliente may be the finest natural, raw descent that I have had the pleasure of laying my tires on. Like Ol Dirty said, “Oh baby I like it raw”. This one reminds me of the terrain around Santiago, Chile in the Andes. And yes, everything is sharp and trying to hurt you here in Tucson, Arizona. If you decide to carry your mountain bike up to the top of this one, bring a pick or pliers for the cholla cactus. If I am being honest, this isn’t most people’s cup of tea, because it is brutal and is a 2700′ hike a bike to the top. This is why I ride mountain bikes. If I never ride another manicured flow trail, I will die a happy man. Randy Sooter is an absolute legend in Tucson and has Hot Water on lock. Hot water is spicy. #followcamfriday recommends tall glass of Mezcal after you finish this one. If you are not bleeding, you were riding too slow. I chose to ride my Yeti SB150 for this one as it is rough as things can possibly get. Real tires. DH track.

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