17 Rider Portraits From Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2016



Let’s get to know some of the riders from the craziest downhill race in the world, the Valparaiso Cerro Abajo.



Dennis Tondin – Mangusta Bike


Simone Medici – Pedroni Cycles


Art Babcock – Foes – Hydro.


Mick Hannah


Johannes Fischbash – Radon Bikes (bike check)


Tomas Slavik – Ghost – Nortshore.


Marcos Preciado – Belfort.


Milciades Jaque – Yeti  – SB6.


Adolfo Almarza – Marin – Quad DH.


Pedro Ferreira – Commencal – V3.


Jorge Carvajal – YT industries – Tues


Gustavo Ortiz – Specialized – Demo.


Mario Jarrin – Mondraker – Summun


Mauricio Acuña – Mondraker – Summun


Jeremias Maio – Pivot – Phoenix.


Bernardo Cruz – GT – Fury.


Gonzalo Serenelli – Intense – M16.

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