2021 Specialized Levo – Mullet Wheels, New Geo and Suspension

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It’s been a few years since the Specialized Levo has seen a major revision, but today that all changes. Essentially, the updated e-bike takes on many of the attributes which made the Stumpjumper EVO so widely heralded as a nearly perfect bike. Most critical in those adaptations are a new, more progressive and lower leverage suspension kinematic plus a modern geometry set that is widely adjustable. Interestingly, the Levo is dedicated to a Mullet 29″ front / 27.5″ rear wheel combination, whereas the Stumpy EVO was Mullet optional. Anyhow, read on to get the full scoop on the new bike…


  • 160mm front travel / 150mm rear travel
  • Flip chip in Horst link suspension pivot
  • Carbon fiber frame
  • 29″ front wheel / 27.5″ rear wheel
  • Adjustable head tube angle with range from 63º – 65.5º via headset cups
  • 565 Watts / 90Nm torque
  • 700 Wh battery for 5 hour range
  • Internal cable routing
  • Boost hub spacing
  • Metric shock sizing
  • S-sizing – S1-S6
  • 2.6″ rear tire clearance


At the heart of the new suspension is a more robust linkage that uses a lower leverage ratio, which is easier on rear shocks. The new curve is more progressive and has been tuned so that an average weight rider uses the medium sized volume reducer. This leaves options for heavier and lighter riders alike to go up or down with volume reducers in search of the right balance of sensitivity and bottoming resistance.

The new motor has been updated with a longer wearing belt and improved power delivery. A new firmware system dubbed “mastermind” helps to boost longevity and resist premature wear and tear on the drivetrain and motor system. Additional sealing has been added to the charging port.

A longer lasting battery boasts a 5 hour ride time for big rides, and riders now have the option to toggle though 10% increments of power to fine to range and output.

Much like the Levo SL, the frame sees a sleeker, more integrated design with the battery nicely concealed in the downtube without any seams, as well as a dialed internal cable/hose routing. The battery is access and removed at the bottom of the downtube, near the bottom bracket.

Levo uses a sleek digital screen on the top tube for all of the pertinent data. The bike adopts the brilliant, adjustable head tube that was debuted on the Stumpy EVO. By swapping out from a neutral upper headset cup or by flipping a +/- 1º cup you have a broad range in adjustment in addition to that which is provided by the flip chip in the rear end. The headset adjustment just requires a quick removal of the stem – totaling about 5 minutes on the wrenches.

Integrated protection at the downtube and chainstays are included to protect your investment and quiet the bike respectively. With heavy duty Float X2 rear shocks and 38 forks seen up front, the Levo adopts a more aggressive stance, duty wise.


The geometry sees profound improvements from a much steeper seat tube angle and a slacker head tube angle. This makes it more capable on both ends – for climbing as well as descending. The reach numbers are generous, but not extreme. Out back the chainstay lengths vary from a relatively short 441mm in the high position to 447mm in the low position.


Levo S-Works Carbon – $15,000

Levo Pro Carbon – $13,000


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