4 New Ibis Wheelsets in Carbon Fiber & 2 in Aluminum

[ad3] The Ibis wheel family has now grown to 9 different models, including two aluminum low budget options. The new carbon models are the 742 , 942 , 735 , 935. The aluminum ones are the 738 and the 938 .



The first digits indicates wheel size and the next two indicate width…For example, the 738’s above are for 27.5 and feature a 38mm rim.


With the 742/942, we’ve retained the 41mm outer/35mm inner widths of our 741/941 rims while increasing impact strength, reducing weight and maintaining all-important lateral stiffness.


The 735/935 feature 35mm outer and 29mm internal rim widths. The 735/935 are ideal for lighter trail bikes that see more XC time, and also great for riders looking to save as much weight as possible, while taking advantages of the features that wide rims bring you. With this new wider and shallower rim profile, we are able to significantly increase impact strength and lateral stiffness, while matching the weight of our 928 hoops.



Our new carbon rim design features a lower cross section height for increased impact performance.  The lower 19.5mm section height makes the wheel better able to distribute the loads of localized impacts from rock strikes or hard landings.

Also, we are introducing a new hybrid carbon fiber layup, strategically combining layers of a new, high-toughness carbon/epoxy prepreg with our original carbon composite, increasing both ultimate strength and impact durability.  This, combined with the asymmetric rim design that features 5mm of offset (2.5mm on 735/935) allows for higher spoke tensions that are nearly equal from one side of the wheel to the other. As a result of all this, the 742/942 nets a 30% increase in impact strength yet a 7.5% decrease in weight, compared to our previous rims.Ibis CU 742 Logo

The 742/942/738/938 rims are ideal for the ultra low pressures (10-18 psi) that we like to run with 2.8” Plus tires. They also do wonderful things to the performance of a number of 2.25” – 2.5” tires that start with fairly rounded profiles. We run lower pressures in 2.25-2.5” tires with the wider rims as well, in the neighborhood of 18-25 psi depending on rider weight and riding conditions.

Ibis CU 738 Logo Ibis-738-White The Aluminum wheels feature 36T, 4 Pawl engagements on either Standard Shimano HG driver or SRAM XD drivers.   Ibis CU Alum Hub Ibis CU Carbon Hub

Our carbon wheels now come with the excellent Industry Nine Torch Hubs. The hubs are made in the USA, feature a 60t ratchet with 6 out of phase pawls, resulting in a 3º engagement. The brakes are center lock and the hubs are equipped with Enduro bearings and come with either Shimano or SRAM XD drivers.


Ibis-742-White   Ibis CU Graphic Logo


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