SRAM Guide: S4 Caliper Update

[ad3]SRAM is churning out a lot of new product this spring, some small some large. After the new Level brakes have been released, the Guides have a great bit of news.

The S4 caliper, initially used only on the Ultimate Guide, will be available on the whole Guide range, including the RSC, RS and R.s41



• Pistons diameter: two 14mm and two 16mm pistons for power and modulation

• New seals and gland geometry for improved consistency no matter the conditions

• Heat Management: enlarged pad pocket, insulated pistons, and Heat
Shield reduce operating temperature and minimize heat transfer to the
caliper body

• Bleeding Edge™: bleeding adapter and porting for quick, mess-free bleeding




The clamp has four pistons : a pair of 14mm and a pair of 16mm.



There is also an update on the reach adjust in the lever, adjusting the distance between lever and handlebar now is more stable (the lever position does not change over time) and the knob is smaller.  There is also an updated detent for a more positive feel.  This new updated lever is backwards compatible so it will fit on older models.


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