A look to the Suntour lineup


Suntour is one of the biggest suspensions manufacturers, well known in the bike industry for its OEM products. Let’s take a close look to what you can find in the shops.



These are the Auron (699 Euro) and the Durolux (649 Euro). The Durolox is only available for 26″ wheels, for now.


The Axon Werx is a XC fork with a carbon shaft and a magnesium upper. Soon it will be available in full carbon. The price: 899 Euro (magnesium version).


F75R9902 F75R9901 F75R9900 F75R9899

The air shocks are OEM only for now, but some riders like Karim Amour are using them on their bikes. Possibly soon as aftermarket products available?

F75R9905 F75R9904

The Aion is an all mountain fork, price point 550 Euro




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