Andes Pacifico Enduro, Day 1 and 2


One of the first big enduro races of the season, the Andes Pacifico Enduro offers tons of spectacular trails, but no grip!


Photo : Dave Trumpore

Fabien Barel and Nico Lau look like the men to beat. Fabien won Day 1, Nico Day 2. In the overall Fabien is still leading by few seconds. Enjoy the pics by Claudio Olguin (where not specified).

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Fabien Barel opted for a conservative strategy on day 2, but was solid overall and continues leading the competition.
Davide’s experience in Chile has not been easy but regardless he is in the top ten (10th) with a cumulative total time of 1:28:48.
After a first day with some difficulties caused by the local “Antigrip”, Nico Lau is back, shortening the gap and showing great physical condition, enjoying the toughest of mountains and adapting to the conditions .


For Sam Flanagan the Andes Pacific is crazy.  Loose terrain and dirt makes a very good race for the English, undoubtedly loving this adventure
Some crashes on the loose Chilean ground didn’t stop Sam Flanagan from having a great time in the Andes


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