[Updated] Avancini: “Schurter give s**t to the other racers”

World champion against world champion: the 2018 marathon champion, Henrique Avancini, said that “I mean, he (Schurter) just gives shit to every rider on the peloton and nobody know this side of him. And I really hate that: I’m a guy that works quite hard to get to this level, to get on this point of a professional career, and he is always like giving shit to every rider … He likes to be the big boss and he is the best rider, but honestly as I said, on this race he is not the capitan of the boat, I’m not scared of him. It’s a long week and I hope we are going to have a nice fight on the next few days, and little by little he is going to show his face, as always“.

The Brazilian looked quite angry at the end of Stage 1 of the 2019 Cape Epic, in which he and his team colleague Fumic finished second after Schuter’s and Forster’s Scott Sram team.


You can hear the interview starting from 2:33″15 in the video above.
Words of frustration for today’s result, or something more? Let’s don’t forget the controversy during the 2018 Marathon World Championships: in the video below you can see Avancini getting off the bike on a very steep climb and putting his Cannondale Scalpel kind of crossways. His competitors had to get off too and walk. That’s racing, man!

Anyway, the Cape Epic is still very long and the riders can “fight” just pushing on the pedals. We can’t wait!


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Another good stage for me and @manuelfumic . We finished 2nd behind the fast Scott duo. Mostly of the stage was really smooth apart from one racing episode I had with Nino. From my point of view a race is raced only with legs when out there. For him, using words as a “mental game” during the race is part of it. We disagree on this point, which is alright. Most important, we BOTH agree that I over reacted on my first interview and was too aggressive with my choice of words, even if I don’t like the way he behaves at times during the race. Even if I don’t approve few things he does (and he also doesn’t like few things I do), I just passed by to talk to him and his team, clear the situation, apologize to him and crack on with the race. I respect him as The Best Ever of this sport and I hope he respects me as a guy that tries really hard to race at this level. . . . Mais uma boa etapa para mim e Manuel Fumic. Terminamos em 2º atrás do dupla da Scott. A maior parte do dia foi realmente suave, exceto um episódio que tive com Nino. Do meu ponto de vista, uma corrida é disputada apenas com as pernas quando estamos na pista. Para ele, usar palavras como um “jogo mental” durante a corrida é parte disso. Nós discordamos nesse ponto, e nada de errado em ter pontos de vista distintos. Nós dois concordamos que embora, da minha perspectiva eu não goste do que ele faz, em minha primeira entrevista fui agressivo com a escolha de minhas palavras. Mesmo que eu não aprove o comportamento dele (e ele também não gosta de algumas coisas que eu faço), eu apenas passei para falar com ele e sua equipe, acalmar a situação, pedir desculpas pra ele e continuar com a corrida. Eu o respeito como o melhor de todos os tempos deste esporte e espero que ele me respeite como um cara que se esforçou muito para competir em alto nível.

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