[Behind the Scenes] DEATHGRIP Santa Cruz with R-Dog & Kyle J.


Clay Porter and Brendan Fairclough have been shooting together for quite some time now but only recently did they get to bring their dream project to fruition. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably well aware that DEATHGRIP is that aforementioned dream project. Although it was filmed with multiple riders all over the world, we were fortunate enough to accompany Brendog and Clay, camera in hand for two of the sections. Here’s an in depth, behind the scenes look through our lens from starting with part one in our home town of Santa Cruz, to the closing section in Utah, the editing madness and eventually the North American premier at Sea Otter. Part two drops tomorrow night. Enjoy…


Clay first rode the secret spots in Santa Cruz a couple years ago and was dead set on the idea of filming Brendog with locals R-Dog and Kyle Jameson.

KJ heading out to trim some branches and make way for the cable cam…

John Reynolds setting up the aforementioned cable cam.

Locals only. #poisonloaks

Gotta get that POV to cut in…

On the hunt.

R-Dog leading the charge into LP’s berm…

To say this berm got mauled would be a massive understatement.

Back up for “one more”…

Checking the footage.

Take a close look at Brendog’s right foot…bonkers.

KJ getting deeeeeep in that turn.

Loads of line options in these woods.

We got dark dirt and flat light most days….not bad. You might not want to get into that green stuff though…

R-dog is sick to watch but sometimes following him can suck…for obvious reasons. You’ll be choking on his roost.

KJ’s tables are always insane.

Redwoods = LOAMY turns.

Paired up pan shot…

R-Dog digging in.

That’s all for the Santa Cruz section…Check back in 24 hours for Utah and beyond…

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