[Bike Check] Kyle Strait’s GT Fury


Kyle Strait is the only two time Red Bull Rampage winner in the history of the event. We took a second to catch up with him and grab some shots of his new bikes.






Strait forward XO DH drivetrain.


Kyle runs the MRP AMG for a little extra security with no drag.


HT pedals with the central pins removed.


Nice gold King headset and a tidy Truvativ cockpit.


Big ol Sensus grips.


Drop crown to get that front end up.


Burly pivots work well for Kyle


600# ti spring! Gnarly.


Codes for a little extra power. Again – the old Avid rotors. Anyone wondering why almost all of the SRAM athletes at Rampage are running these instead of the new ones?


Seven speed cassette keeps things simple.


Vivid with M/M tune.


Custom Sensus grips to give a super thick grip for Kyle.

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