Cane Creek introduces the C-Quent

Cane Creek introduces the C-Quent

Ian Collins, 12/06/2016
Ian Collins, 12/06/2016


The C-Quent is Cane Creek’s first Double Barrel shock featuring a simple tool-free interface for the rider that does not want extensive adjustability. C-Quent has all of the capability that award-winning DB shocks are known for and comes pre-set with an internal custom tune. For minor adjustments, the C-Quent has a Low Speed Rebound (LSR) adjuster and a Climb Switch.


Starting with a fully adjustable DB shock that has nearly limitless tune-ability, the development team analyzes frame kinematics and utilizes field-testing to produce precise settings that meet the performance goals and desired feel for the bike. Once this base tune is determined, the C-Quent is assembled with HSC, HSR, and LSC fixed at the factory.

C-Quent Damper Oil Flow

WEIGHT : 295 grams (165 x 38mm no hardware)

DAMPING : Twin-tube compression & rebound in
two high-speed and four low-speed damping circuits

ADJUSTMENTS : Preset Internal Basetune
• Low-speed rebound
• Climb Switch On/Off

FINISH : Anodized and laser-etched

LENGTHS : 165 x 38mm (6.5” x 1.5”) 184 x 44mm (7.25” x 1.73”) 190 x 50mm (7.48” x 1.96”) 200 x 50mm (7.87”x 1.96”) 200 x 57mm (7.87”x 2.24”) 216 x 63mm (8.5” x 2.48”)

CAN SIZES : Standard (all lengths)

MOUNTING INTERFACE : High performance low friction bushing 1/2” universal axle

MANUFACTURING : Handbuilt in North Carolina, USA