Cane Creek’s ‘Raven’ eeWings & New 165mm Length

[Press Release] – We are excited to announce the latest addition to the family of critically-acclaimed eeWings titanium cranks – eeWings Raven.


The eeWings Raven are constructed of the same high-grade titanium as traditional eeWings, painted deep black with a premium automotive-style paint, affixed with a water-transfer decal “W” logo and then clear coated with a high-gloss protective finish.

Though durable, as is common of almost any painted bicycle part, the paint on the eeWings Raven can be expected to chip, scratch and wear over time with use. The amount and timeframe of this wear will vary depending on care, riding condition and the amount of riding you do. We recommend using the included protective film to ensure that the paint on the eeWings Raven lasts as long as possible.

If the prospect of chips, scratches and wear over time is an issue, we suggest customers choose the original eeWings instead. Their natural brushed finish is far more robust and can be easily refinished.

In addition to the eeWings Raven, we are happy to announce that eeWings Mountain cranks are now available in 165mm arm length in their original brushed titanium finish and that the Cane Creek preloader is now available in a variety of anodized color options.

eeWings Raven are available for mountain at 170mm and 175mm arm lengths and for all-road at 170mm arm length. Both road and mountain cranks retail for $1049. 165mm eeWings Mountain cranks retail for $999 and are only available in the original brushed-titanium finish. The Cane Creek Preloader is currently available in orange, red, green, blue and the original black and retails for $29.

All three products are available now through Cane Creek distributors and retailers or rider-direct in North America through

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