Cane Creek’s Steering Stabilizing Hellbender 70 Visco

There is some interesting news coming from Cane Creek today with the component manufacturer announcing a headset with built in steering stabilization. This looks nothing like the Hopey or Dampenator from days of old, but rather is built right into the headset. Full story in the press release below…


[Press Release] – Building upon Cane Creek’s ongoing legacy of bicycle headset innovation, the introduction of the Hellbender 70 Visco brings new patented steering stabilizing technology to a wide variety of cycling disciplines. This headset is ideal for cargo bikes, commuter bikes, children’s bikes, gravel bikes, bikepacking bikes, and even an occasional mountain bike.

Designed to reduce high-frequency oscillation of the bicycle steering assembly, known as speed wobble or handlebar shaking. The Cane Creek Hellbender 70 Visco headset helps riders maintain control, reduce fatigue and add confidence.

The Hellbender 70 Visco’s patented technology utilizes a series of stainless steel shims called damping plates that create friction between the outer and inner damping plates. Inner plates rotate with the handlebar and outer plates stay stationary with the frame. Riders and mechanics can tune their damping characteristics to their preferred amount of steering damping by changing the orientation of the plates. Hellbender 70 Visco is sold in the middle of its damping range and can be adjusted to have either more or less damping from the factory setting. Adjusting the level of damping requires no proprietary tools and is as simple as performing a basic headset service.

Cane Creek’s Hellbender 70 Visco was designed with durability and longevity in mind. Cups and covers are 7075 T-6 Aluminum and equipped with premium stainless steel HELLBENDER bearings. Similar to other Cane Creek headset offerings, the Hellbender 70 Visco has robust seals – located at the crown race, steerer tube and top cover to protect against the elements and to ensure long-lasting reliability.

The Hellbender70 Visco is offered in two press-fit options – a top-only ZS44 configuration and a bottom-only ZS56 configuration. The addition of the new ZS56 lower fitment option allows for more compatibility on bikes with oversized headtubes, internal cable routing and 1.5 in. straight steerer tubes.

As with any Cane Creek product, the Hellbender 70 Visco is available at select retailers and riders can buy direct at The Hellbender 70 Visco ZS44 Top is available at $99.99 and Hellbender 70 Visco ZS56 Bottom is available at $119.99.

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