Crankbrothers Expand Their Flat Pedal Lineup

A few months back we tested the Stamp 7 pedals and compared the small and large sizes. Now, the Laguna Beach brand have taken things to the next level and introduced the Stamp 11. With titanium axles and aluminum pins, they’ve gotten the weight down substantially (299 grams for the small /325 grams for large). The Stamp 11 retails for $300 US and carries a 5 year warranty.

Left: Stamp 11 Small / Right: Stamp 11 Large

In addition to branching out into the boutique end of the flat pedal market, Crankbrothers are spreading their roots down into the budget end with the Stamp 2 & 3.

Stamp 2 Small
Stamp 2 Large


The Stamp 2 come in at 415 and 470 grams/pair for the small and large respectively. They retail for $79.99 US and still manage to carry a 5 year warranty. To get the price down the pedals are 16mm thick as opposed to the 11mm Stamp 7 and Stamp 11 pedals. The pedal body is die cast aluminum.

Stamp 3 small
Stamp 3 large

The Stamp 3 retails for $99.99 US. They have same dimensions as the Stamp 2, but feature a forged aluminum body and weigh in at 399 and 455 grams for the small and large respectively. Like the other Stamps, they also carry a 5 year warranty.

Igus glide bearings, Enduro cartridge bearings and an updated seal system can be found throughout.

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