Dainese 2020 Apparel and Protective Wear Lineup

(Costa Mesa, CA, 8 August 2019) Dainese is proud to announce next season’s Bike collection, introducing protective pieces with brand-new technologies, innovative technical garments designed and constructed with high-performance materials, and also extends the range to female riders.


The Trail Skins Pro knee guard is the latest evolution in Dainese’s family of lightweight protectors. Developed on Enduro World Series tracks in collaboration with Canyon Racing athletes, Trail Skins Pro combines maximum protection, total freedom of movement and constant ventilation. The core of the knee guard is the Pro Shape 2.0 protector, an evolved version of Pro Shape which is able to transform impact energy into heat and distribute it across the entire surface of the knee guard. The protector is able to absorb 83% of energy, reducing the force transmitted to just 17% and spreading it over a wide area. The protector is lightweight and soft, with construction specifically designed to support the joint through the full range of movement, contracting and expanding and guaranteeing maximum adaptability to the shape of the knee. Even the sock has been redesigned– designed through full knee mapping, it is now longer and (together with the new Velcro and elastic elements) makes for a stable and comfortable protector, even after many hours in the saddle. The geometry of Pro Shape 2.0 also sets a new record in terms of ventilation, with 55% of its surface open.

For the upper body, there is the Rival Pro Vest, a protective and breathable garment with an exclusive, patented hydration system, inspired by technologies developed by Dainese for MotoGP™. HumpBackTM, a 700 ml hydration bag integrated into the back protector, allows a rider to carry the right quantity of water with minimal bulk, ensuring the perfect balance of the back protector and supplying additional protection in case of a crash. Due to its modular structure, Rival Pro Vest can be significantly customized, allowing for various configurations. Depending on their preference, riders can remove the shoulder pads, HumpBackTM, or back protector, enabling use with a backpack. The Rival Pro Vest is lightweight, comfortable, and ventilated, becomes invisible when worn under a jersey, and is compatible with hip packs.

The HG – High Gravity softgoods collection is fully updated and now includes a women’s line for the first time. The women’s line shares the same key pieces and technologies as the men’s line. The HG 2020 range is enriched with a new three-layer shell, a new mid-layer, shirts, shorts, and gloves with new technologies, new colors, and modern graphics.

Dainese also extends its AWA Black line dedicated to urban commuting, with specific pieces for women and outfits for free time, inspired by the world of sportswear. AWA Black 2020 focuses on sustainable materials, one example being the EN Jacket, a waterproof garment in fully recyclable polyester and polyethylene.


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