Day 1 EWS Argentina – Richie Rude & Cecile Ravanel dominate




This is the first year that the Enduro World Series has two stops in South America.  Last weekend we found ourselves in Chile, and now we’re already back at it just a little more than six hours away from the village of Corral in the city of Bariloche Argentina.
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325A1634The logistics of racing plays a role at all times, that’s why Miltiades Jaque leaves nothing to chance and worries about every detail until the very last minute of each day.

325A0759Dawn in Patagonian Argentina is cold but gradually low temperatures fade away with the arrival of the first rays of sun.

325A1719Jerome Clementz looking relaxed in this picture while exchanging a few words with Matteo Nati.

325A1677Nicolas (Specialized team mechanic) makes some changes to Curtis Keene’s tire.  A lot of guys are running cut spikes.  They need spikes for the dust but still want them to roll nice and fast.

325A1699Jan Wittmaack, the Cube mechanic is fixing bicycle Greg Callaghan before the start of the race.

325A1716Anneke Beerten concentrated and waiting for their turn before sending it into the bottom of Cerro Catedral Ski Center.

325A1724This round, Keene Curtis will have to race without teammate Jared Graves, who sustained a hopefully minor injury to his shoulder.

325A1350Josh Carlson is ranked eighth in the first stage and is tenth overall category of super experts.

325A1769Ludo May from Switzerland seen at 1/30 in the first stage of the day.

325A1292Casey Brown, currently ranked third in the women’s category.  She’s down just  +0: 57.16 to Cecile Ravanel, the leader.

325A1777The second stage began on a huge outcropping, Fabian Cousine below.

325A1817Rachel Throop carving through the autumnal forests Cerro Catedral.

325A1870It was the people that made this place a great lookout point for Saturday morning.  Sam Blenkinsop pulling double duty this year.

325A1905Lewis Buchanan rockets down the track and now stands 5th overall.

325A1920Richie Rude blowing up every corner in his path.

325A1934The view from the last stage is impressive, the number of colors that can be seen from here can not be compared with any other order, very far away on the horizon you can see the Andes mountain range which divides Chile and Argentina.

325A1937Racers start coming to the last stage of the race and the king of the Andes flies over, making sure everything is in order.

325A1929Long day at the office…

325A1947Cedric Gracia taking a break from racing.

325A1960Dennis Tondin has spent 3 months in Argentina, and knows the terrain down south…He clearly has no problem jumping out of corners.

325A0969-2Yoann Barelli starting the third stage, from the highest part you can see both sides at the Nahuel Huapi on the left and right side of Lake Gutierrez.

325A2004Peter Burns nearly blending in with the terrain.

325A1949Incredible landscapes.

325A2079Luke Strobel showing part of Lake Nahuel Huapi from another viewpoint.
325A2086 Some sections are just a bit much and not worth risking it on.

325A2124The speed and control of this girl is impressive, it seems that neither dust nor blown out tracks affect her. Cecile Ravanel was the undisputed winner of the day in the Women’s afterwinning three of three stages.

325A2082Pablo Mora wearing his faceplant well.

325A1130Isabeau Courdurier is one of the fastest girls in the competition and took second place in the women’s category, currently her deficit with Cecile is +0: 39.62

325A2154Later in the day the orange light starts to slip away through the branches of the forest, Nico Lau cruising into the fourth place on the day.

325A2167Damien Oton seen from tree level.

325A2175The strength and poise with which Richie Rude attacks the track is mighty impressive.  He almost thrives on tracks that are blown out and more difficult.  Even more impressive considering he’s still so young.  Richie was the leader of the first day, winning two of three stages, only being passed in the last stage by the Spaniard Toni Ferreiro.

325A2187The first day of racing is over and mechanics just do not stop working at any time of the day.   Matteo Nati readies Jerome Clementz’ race bike to face the second and last day of the race.


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