Deity Launches New Line of Compact Stems

Deity Launches New Line of Compact Stems!

With an onslaught of new product hitting the world on a monthly basis, Deity has been hard at work evolving their company to another level and showcasing what makes this rider owned, operated, and funded company so special. From the launch of a number of new products, construction of their new global Headquarters, the signing of the Gstaad/Scott Team, to much more, the Deity crew seem to be on a roll and do not look to be letting up anytime soon! With a focus on deepening their portfolio of handlebars, pedals, and stems, today marks the awaited debut of their two new compact stems, the Micro DM and the Cavity 35!


Gone are the days when a 50mm stem was the shortest option on the market. Frames are getting longer and riders are looking for options to shorten up their front ends. But what is this fascination with stems getting shorter and shorter?
“It is no surprise to anyone reading this that modern geometry is consistently leaning more and more towards the aggressive side. Bikes are faster than ever before and top tubes are getting longer to create added stability at speed. To balance this from a rider positioning stance, the amount of weight placed through the front end, and tracks getting steeper, there needs to be more options for shorter cockpits.” Eric Davies (Deity, Owner)
The Micro DM joins the popular Locust DM stem and although the two may share some vague similarities, the Micro DM is a beast of its own. By hiding the front crown bolts, the Micro DM is able to maintain a wide 65mm stance that is essential to properly support the wide handlebars on the market and to also increase stiffness. With a 30mm length and a 10mm rise, the Micro DM was born from the feedback from riders like Cameron Zink and Tyler McCaul who were looking to shorten up their front ends without affecting the stability they needed at speed.

“Tyler and Cam both spoke to us nearly 2 plus years ago about the idea for the Micro DM. At the time, there were a couple of short stems on the market, but we knew we could make something cleaner, stronger, and befitting of the Deity name. It has always been difficult for us because we never simply release a product after computer testing, machine testing, bike mock up, and maybe a week of riding the part. Real world testing is the corner stone of what we do. We put our product on the gnarliest guys in the world for a minimum of 1-2 years to punish the product. The key for us is to stick to our philosophies and never rush a part. My customers do not do our testing and you would be surprised how many companies do not share that mentality.” Eric Davies (Deity, Owner)

• CNC Machined from hard high grade 7075 T73 aluminum
• Compact 30mm length for the current crop of long downhill frames
• Compatible with 31.8mm oversized handlebars
• Boxxer standard platform
• Moto inspired 4 piece design
• Super wide 65mm clamping platform for torsional stiffness
• Flip flop graphics kit
• Hidden front crown bolts
• 10mm rise
• One of the lightest Direct Mount Stems on the market
• High polished finish with chamfer detailing throughout for stunning detail
• Lifetime Warranty
• Available in Polished Black, Red, Purple, Blue, and Green Anodized
• Weight: 110 grams
• MSRP $104.99 usd


It was clear during the unveil of the new Deity Cavity 35mm length stem at Sea Otter that the latest addition to the growing Deity product line is eye catching, gleaming in a mirror high polish finish, with detail visible in every corner of the stem, and a clear indication that Deity continues to mature as a brand and as product designers. Creating depth in the Deity Cavity roster of stems, the Cavity 35 features a wide 55mm faceplate, a short 33mm stack height, and like the Micro DM…it is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Wide, sexy, and the stiffest Deity stem to date, the Cavity 35 is a stem that goes through so many machining passes that the final piece is a bit of jewelry cloaked in a high polished finish.
“Each stem is high polished by hand to create a mirror finish and we went all out on the machining of it. Without a doubt, it is my favorite stem we have designed to date and a good gauge of the direction and quality our brand has become. Attention to detail in every aspect of the company is our number one goal and we are pumped to finally be launching these stems. Having them stare at us for almost 2 years is torture, but nothing is more rewarding than putting a product you loved dearly out into the world and having it embraced.” Eric Davies (Deity, Owner)
As eyes continue to shift onto the growing Deity company, the crew take the support and attention with respect and are continually expanding their facilities, technology, roster of riders, support of regional events, and staying true to the core values that put them on the map. With rumors of Brendan Fairclough and Neko Mulally joining forces with Deity on a much larger level, it should not come as a surprise if you see some exciting projects from this notorious pair in the coming future.
“We have arguably the best team ever and investing into them, their knowledge, and their ability to communicate their experience on the bike is critical to the development of technology in this sport. I love riders who know what they want and the Cavity 35 and Micro DM are prime examples of that. Cam and Tyler are key reasons these parts came to life and we are not stopping here. We have so many new products slated for release, in testing phases, and in raw development. The energy is amazing and I really see this year as a massive transition for our company. It is growing in the right ways and we could not do any of it without the support of our crew, our riders, the media, and most importantly, our customers.” Eric Davies (Deity, Owner)

The popular Deity Cavity stem is now available in a 35mm length
• Machined from 6061 T6 aluminum
• Compatible with 31.8mm oversized handlebars
• 35mm length
• Short 33mm stack height
• Wide 55mm faceplate for increased stiffness with wide handlebars
• Rounded edges at all sides, corners, and angles
• Reverse cross bolt system for increased clamping power
• Tapered body for cleaner lines and weight reduction
• Multiple internal and external machining processes to reduce every gram possible
• Chamfered edges throughout for stunning detail
• Available in Polished Black, Red, Purple, Blue, and Green Anodized
• Lifetime Warranty
• Weight: 150 grams
• MSRP $99.99 usd


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