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Diamonz – Made under pressure

Diamond is the purest shape in which carbon reveals itself in nature, engendered by very high pressure that converts the simple carbon into the hardest natural material on the planet. Likewise, the pressure exerted inside the molds converts the simple carbon fiber, skillfully laid, in a material with unique features. These characteristics inspired Diamonz, a young brand of carbon fiber components, for the choice of its name, a merger of the word diamond and the last name of the founders, the Monzoni brothers.

Proudly Made in Italy

Diamonz products are developed by the engineer Fabrizio Dragoni, a 4 time Downhill National Champion and Master 2 bronze medal at Worlds in Val di Sole 2016. The building process is entrusted to the expert and qualified hands of an Italian factory, leader in carbon fiber parts building for Formula 1 and for the excellence of Italian automotive.

Highly specialized operators select and cut the layers of Toray carbon fiber, masterfully lay them into a customized mold then close them under pressure, vacuum sealed and cooked inside a specific oven to give birth to the final products. Diamonz is a know how brand who definitely raise the bar of carbon fiber manufacturing in the mountain bike industry.

The Diamonz rim

The very first product born from Diamonz is the Carbon 27.5 rim, available both in a DH and an Enduro model. The rim has an asymmetric profile guaranteed to provide maximum strength along with the best spoke tension toward the most stressed flange of the hub: drive side for the rear wheel and rotor side for the front wheel. The sidewall is hookless type for the greatest compatibility with Tubeless Ready tires. Each sidewall is manufactured around a core made of 2 strong carbon fiber wires which enhance stiffness and solidity.

The Carbon DH 27.5 rim weighs about 15 grams more than the Carbon Enduro 27.5 due to an addition of 2 layers of carbon fiber which generate an enhanced robustness. More than 1 year of tests on prototypes, both in laboratory and in action on the 2016 UCI DH World Cup and World Championships tracks, have brought us to the definitive model of the Carbon 27.5 rim that goes into the market boasting zero damages during the last 6 months of intense testing.

Every rim undergoes a selective quality control which verifies the stiffness coefficient, whose value is indicated on the product card provided with the rim, paired with its serial number. This process guarantees product quality and the stiffness goals set by Diamonz in order to achieve the highest riding performance.

The Diamonz wheelset

Both the models of rims are available as wheelsets, with several spec options. The 32 spokes for each wheel are Sapim double butted 2-1.8-2 tight by Sapim Hexagonal alloy nipples. The hubs can be selected during the order between Hope, Noxon and Nukeproof products, in standard or Boost spacing and with Shimano or SRAM XD driver body.

Tubeless tape and valves are an option. Custom color decals are available on demand, in addition to the 6 standard options: Snow White, Paint it Black, Ibiza Yellow, Deep Blue, Karma Orange and Hell Red.

Technical details

Asymmetric rim profile
32 holes
Internal rim width: 28mm
External rim width: 37mm
Rim depth: 28mm
Carbon Enduro 27.5 rim weight: 460g +/-5%
Carbon DH 27.5 rim weight: 475g +/-5%
Recommended tire size: 2.2” – 2.5”

Price list

Carbon DH 27.5 rim: $860
Carbon Enduro 27.5 rim: $790
Carbon DH 27.5 wheelset – Hope hubs: $2,260
Carbon DH 27.5 wheelset – Nukeproof hubs: $2,100
Carbon Enduro 27.5 wheelset – Hope hubs (standard or Boost): $2,100
Carbon Enduro 27.5 wheelset – Nukeproof hubs (standard): $1,999
Carbon Enduro 27.5 wheelset – Noxon hubs (Boost): $1,999

Soon available the 29” version of rims and wheelsets and even a carbon DH/Enduro handlebar, currently under development.

Diamonz Components’ products are available on our e-commerce: www.diamonz.bike/negozio

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