European Enduro Series Punta Ala Race Route Revealed

Finally the race trails for the first round of the European Enduro Series have been announced.

The European Enduro Series have finished planning the route and have published the race route for the first round of the European Enduro Series in Punta Ala. With five tracks and  a day of racing riders will take in about 1400 metres of climbing and descending.


Andrea Bruno on trail 44.

The route starts with a prolouge trail on Saturday the 25th and the main race is on Sunday the 26th. The Sunday trails include The Guardian, 301, 44 then lastly Rock-OH.
Rock Oh has some pretty difficult rock gardens.

All the trails have been used for racing before and offer a wide variety of challenges including rock fast routes, smooth flowing single track and fast curved track peppered with rock sections. A number of the trails have been used before including during the Enduro World Series.
The main race hills.

More information can be found on about the trails and also our trail on-board videos

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