European Enduro Series Round 1 Trail Conditions Preview – Punta Ala


With the Downhill World cup and all the buzz surrounding the events  we thought we would have a contrasting look at the type of trails that The European Enduro Series will take place on in Punta Ala, Tuscany on the 25th and 26th of April. Due to the nature of the series and Enduro racing,  it is not possible to actually know which trails will be used during racing until a few days before the race, but it is possible to have a look at the type of conditions that a European Enduro race will take place on. We visited Punta Ala in Tuscany whilst testing bikes to have a look at the trails and we also pulled a few shots from our archive of a famous racer on the trails.


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Davide Sottocornola takes a ride along a transfer road to the top of the high trails which have been used  for previous Super enduro and Enduro World Series races.


Fabian Barel hops over a rock on trail, a trail that is rocky in places but full of fast flowing sections.


Fabian further down the track with Theo Gally working out some lines.


Fabian Enjoyed his time in Punta Ala, here he is riding one of the trails used by the Santa Cruz Syndicate when they launched their carbon V10.


The idea here is ride and relax, grabbing a quick bite at a bar.


Marco Tiberi the race trail builder checks out a few lines on one of the fast smooth trails which has an earth base but drains really well so never gets muddy.


Marco drops into a chute along one of the race trails.


Some trails have short rocky sections which are a bit challenging to some whilst pro riders hop over them.


One of the many natural berms.

The trail bases here in the woods retain their form even when many riders pass by.


Last hint, more fun, sometime dark sometime light… always fast.

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