Mavic Crossmax 2016 : Wheels, Kit, Hydration Pack



Today Mavic officially release their new Crossmax line.  There was an emphasis on the fact that the Crossmax name bridges across many and they emphasized that it embodies not just durability, but performance.  In the new lineup is a Revamped Crossmax XL and SL wheelset and tire system as well as a new kit and a Hydration pack.


We had a special opportunity to have an advanced preview of the Mavic Crossmax lineup this week at their new US location in California.  While we had just one great ride on the whole system, we will keep you posted with some long term reviews on the products in the future.  We were most impressed with the Crossmax wheelsystem.  Our early impressions were that the Crossmax XL wheels were the most lively and responsive non carbon wheels we’ve ridden.   The spoke count increases to 24 and the rim width increases slightly as well.

The tires were fast rolling and grippy in the variety of terrain we rode them in.  Also worth noting was the hydration pack.  It was one of the first bags we’ve used that managed to keep our water cool…even in the southern California heat after a few hours of riding.  It wasn’t very noticeable on the bike and kept us nearly as cool as the water inside.  Impressive.  Full outline of the 2016 lineup is below.

2015_Mavic_Packshot_Crossmax XL Pro Ltd _F52101

2015_Mavic_Packshot_Crossmax XL Pro Ltd _R77801


Crossmax XL wheels are aimed at Enduro.  Specs below.

Full UST rim, with UST Ready tyres
Full hub compatibility with optional adapters Available in 27,5 only, HG or XD driver body

24 Zircal Spokes

23mm Rim Width

PAIR 1710g

FRONT 815g

REAR 895g

TYRE 2.4 990g

PRICE : $1000

2015_Mavic_Packshot_Charge XL_379045

As part of the Crossmax Wheel system, the Charge XL comes standard up front.  Dual Ply casing and aggressive but fast rolling knobs keep it tough and reasonably light.

27.5″ X 2.4″ = 990 gr

29″ X 2.35 = 1000 gr

PRICE : $90

2015_Mavic_Packshot_Quest XL_379046

Out back, the Quest XL features the same casing but feature smaller, lower profile knobs.

27.5″ X 2.4″ = 940 gr

29″ X 2.35 = 920 gr

PRICE : $90

2015_Mavic_Packshot_Crossmax SL Pro WTS _F27802

2015_Mavic_Packshot_Crossmax SL Pro WTS_R51702

Crossmax SL wheels are aimed at XC.  Specs below.

Full UST rim, with UST Ready tyres
Full hub compatibility with optional adapters Available in 26, 27.5, 29.  HG or XD driver body.

20 Zircal Spokes

19mm Rim Width

26″ Weight : 1390g

27.5″ Weight : 1470g

29″ Weight : 1520g

PRICE : $1099

2015_Mavic_Packshot_Crossmax Pulse_381066

Along with the XC oriented Crossmax SL wheel comes an XC specific Tire.  The Pulse is offered in 27.5″ and 29″ and comes in at a 2.1″ width for both.  The UST ready tire features fast rolling, low profile knobs.

27.5″ : 580g

29″ : 620g

PRICE : $80

2015_Mavic_Packshot_Crossmax LS Jersey Ltd BK_379693

  2015_Mavic_Packshot_Crossmax Jersey Ltd BK YEM _381184

The new Crossmax Jersey is available in both short and long sleeve in sizes XS – S – M – L – XL – 2XL.  The jersey is loose cut and the Trail Wick fabric provides light protection, high breathability and increased abrasion protection.

2015_Mavic_Packshot_Crossmax Short Set Ltd_379692

The new Crossmax Short features upgraded Ergo 3D Insert offers comfort, support and moisture management from 3 densities and 3 different thicknesses of perforated foam.  Durable and loose cut, it’s aimed at all day comfort.

Sizes : S – M – L – XL – XXL

2015_Mavic_Packshot_Hydropack 8.5_379218

The Crossmax Hydropack LTD 8.5 is Mavic’s Limited Edition Enduro pack designed for stability and easy access to hydration & storage.

Comes with 2L Hydrapack

700 gr.

PRICE : $130



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