[EWS Finale] Stage 2 Barel Still Ahead, After Barnes Pulls A Win.


After two stages of the Enduro World Series in Finale Fabien Barel is still ahead. Joes Barnes managed to overcome his stage one blues and put in a solid result of a first position in stage 2. Jared Graves finished stage 2 and was annoyed about spectators on the track  he said he came to a, “Dead stop.” Currently in third position this incident may have cost him the overall so far, with 4 stages to go though everything is to play for.





Live results.

F75R0319 F75R0392 F75R0376 F75R0370 F75R0366 F75R0360 F75R0353 F75R0345 F75R0343 F75R0340 F75R0332 F75R0323

WM8J6930 WM8J6952 WM8J6946 WM8J6941 WM8J6938 WM8J6936

F75R0397 F75R0401 F75R0408 F75R0421

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