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This week we had the opportunity to visit the Commençal offices in Erts, Andorra. They opened up their doors and showed us their work place, art gallery, showroom and more. Also, they told us a few new things that they are working on but that unfortunately we can not share with you yet.


Below you will find a photographic tour of what was our visit:

The Commençal building is beautiful, all made with rocks and wood. Around the area of Erts, Andorra they have plenty of trails to test their bikes and products. They even have a private pumptrack designed and built by Pierre-Edouard Ferry, that being a good place to relax and take a break from office work.This is the main room of the building and where the marketing, creative, media and engineer guys work most of the time. Around 40 people work for Commençal. Both walls were full of bikes, and there was even a non-finished prototype frame. It has to be pretty cool to work in an office surrounded by bikes. The art gallery from Commençal has all the ads that the brand has been doing in many different media outlets during all these years. In the center, a Meta AM V4 keeps an eye on the frames. If we go downstairs, we get to the showroom and official Commençal store, where everyone that comes in can buy bikes, components and products cheaper than the ones at the online store. Commençal doesn’t only sell bikes, but lifestyle and technical gear for man and woman so they can ride in style on the trails.Although there is the new Meta AM V4, Commençal still sells the V3 version. As they say “It’s impossible for us to leave the META AM V3 out! Mainly because it has already proven its worth by winning the biggest enduro races but also because of its all-mountain usability and indestructible qualities.” No doubt. It is beautiful and we are pretty sure that it works just as good as they say. Below you have a bunch of V4 Meta’s with different builds. You can check all the All-Mountain and Enduro bikes here.The Supreme DH V3 will soon be history with the launching of the brand new and long awaited V4, but we still think that is an awesome two-wheeled machine for downhill and freeride at a very good and affordable price. Let’s not forget that Commençal has also their own components line named after Alpha: handlebars, stems, pedals, wheels, seats, posts… Everything you need. The new Meta HT AM looks very good. We had a closer look and the details and finish is excelent. They told us that the frame is made from cromoly instead of aluminum because everything is simpler. No fuss, no noise and more comfortable.Hats off to Commençal for supporting freeride and spending money on designing bikes for kids. It was just awesome to see all those little machines. Who wouldn’t have liked to have one as a kid? The Supreme is available in 20”, 24” and  27.5”. Have a look at the whole range here.And here is Commençal’s latest creation: the Supreme DH V4. It will be soon available for everyone. They have been working on the linkage as they had some minor issues with it, so if it was good before, now it will be much better.Our visit finished at the workshop. Here is where they build all the bikes that are sold online, fix customer’s bikes and also the ones from the bike patrols of Vallnord bikepark. Behind there is a small storage place (Commençal’s warehouse is located in France) where they have stock bikes and components for the shop.

We want to thank everyone at Commençal for letting us sneak in and for showing us their work place, and specially to Ulysse Daessle for his kindness. Also, we will soon receive a brand new Meta AM V4 Origin with the new RockShox Yari and a pair of magnesium Alpha pedals, so stay tuned for future reviews and posts.

Commençal Bikes

Photos by Héctor Saura.


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