[FEST] Day 2 Gallery – Mega Blasting!



We’re back in the Santa Cruz woods for Cruz FEST day 2 of 4. The boys are getting all the lines down and blowing minds in the most casual way imaginable.


Stairway to heaven
Whole lotta crossover here. Aggy and Nico Vink discuss lines.



A bit of scoping, buffing and prep work.


The bikes take a beating. Dialing them in each day is critical.
As do the bodies. Pretty much everyone is wearing ankle braces. It’d be foolish not to.
The moto guys are HYPED on CruzFEST.
Kurt Sorge easing into things.
Hands down – King of style – R Dog is the filthiest.


Both McCaul Brothers have been throwing down super hard until late in the day.

When worlds collide.


Arik Swan is a madman on a moto. Makken pulls him in.


Speaking of Makken, his cliffhangers have been out of hand lately.


Jordie Lunn “Nothing Pan”
Steps to the top.
Make me a Burger GROMS!
Kyle Strait. Delayed suicide. Insane.
WTF? No words.
C-Mac. Indian airs for days.
Dusty Gilding – hip into the woods.

Nico and Arik. What a team.
Andreu is always oozing style and pushing the envelope.

Brett Rheeder – Massive no foot can.
Logan Peat bombing.
Kurt Sorge with the most stretched out supermans.
Nic Pescetto back on the bike and style for days.
Curtis Robinson made the trek down from up North. He’s been absolutely loving it.

Kyle Jameson is frothing! The most stoked guy on the planet and style for miles.
Kyle Strait and Aggy – too much style.
3 dudes one jump. That gives you some perspective.
We had to sneak in this pan of Arik Swan. It’s been so cool to see him shredding trains with the MTB dudes. Insane. We’ll be back tomorrow with more goods from today.


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