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First glance at the Suzuki Nine Knights 2015 course


[Press release] Apart from the all-familiar wooden “Il Castello” drop tower, the Suzuki Nine Knights MTB course has been re-designed to host some of the world’s best freeriders at Mottolino Bike Park in Livigno, Italy. The slopestyle action kicks off on the 31st of August and culminates with the public big air competition on Saturday the 5th of September 2015.


The co-operation between Andi Wittmann and Andi Brewi’s “Balzamico Trail Design” company promises a new innovative line for this year’s event. Dropping in from “Il Castello” the main feature’s biggest jump will be built with maximum airtime in mind, while two new kicker options offer up creative reverse transitions. The top of the trail starts with an unusual addition, a skate mini ramp integrated in the course as a step-up-
step–down feature, leading into the first step-up boasting a larger take-off allowing for more tricks.


La parte superiore del sentiero comincia con l’insolita aggiunta di una mini rampa inserita nel percorso con funzione step-up-step–down. A condurre al primo step-up è un take-off più grande che consentirà maggiori tricks in questa prima parte di percorso. Il wallride Zimtstern è statoriprogettato e la rampa in legno (boner log) è stata sostituita da due varianti step-down che consentono una maggiore velocità fino all’ hip jump che atterrerà su un altro Monster step-up, questo a sua volta condurrà ad un altro ostacolo, il Big Bike Quarter pipe dove con un drop terminerà questa nuova linea freeride.

Geoff Gulevich
Geoff Gulevich

The Zimtstern wallride has been overhauled and the boner log has been replaced by two step-down variations allowing more speed into the bottom hip jump, which will boast the additional Monster step-up landing leading into another multiple-use obstacle, the Big Bike Quarter pipe, also serving as a spine. The freshly shaped freeride line ends with a drop feature into this obstacle.

Linus Sjoholm
Linus Sjoholm

Have you got what it takes to ride at Suzuki Nine Knights MTB? Would you like to get your tyres on this year’s course, a few coveted wild cards are on offer in the “Become a Knight” online video competition. Show us your best dirt jump and slopestyle tricks. The submission deadline is 14th of August 2015. Full details and all entries can be found on

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