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Lapierre recently invited us to their press launch near their headquarters in France for some pre-Brexit product testing, riding and political discussion. Fortunately most of our time was spent riding and checking out their latest E-bike range, which is extensive and covers just about every eventuality. The reason for this large range of product is simple, E-bikes seem to be slowly increasing their market share and currently occupy almost fifty percent of Lapierre’s sales. Take a look below at their latest range which numbers almost 10 bikes in total depending on component build. We have reduced down to the most important models in each category.

Overvolt AM900+


This is Lapierre’s top of the range 140mmR/150mmF E-bike model. A carbon frame designed around moving the weight of the battery and motor seven centimeters back and lower. Nico Vouilloz, Lapierre’s development rider pushed to have this design at the heart of the Overvolt 900’s design as it increased the handling characteristics significantly. Such a radical form though made it necessary to use carbon for the frame design in order to retain stiffness and strength.

Lapierre Overvolt Carbon AM900 Damian McArthur (11)
With Enduro geometry and a unique look, the 900+ is the first carbon E-bike that is aimed at the more extreme end of the market.
Lapierre Overvolt Carbon AM900 Damian McArthur (14)
From the back it is possible to see how the down-tube is divide into two sections that cradle the battery pack, which is a standard Bosch 500wh version.


Lapierre were able to gain significant improvements in stability by keeping the weight low, this combined with the frame’s movement around the different axis leads to only one possible design choice.  Their design team felt it was a significant challenge, they took inspiration from many different places. The frame has an asymmetrical seat tube that allows the battery to be removed easily.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 10.57.30 Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 10.58.47

The 66 degree head angle is pretty standard when it comes to Enduro bikes with Lapierre embracing this in combination with their OST+ link they have produced a bike that will descend at speed in rough conditions smoothly with the characterisitcs of many VPP bikes.

AM900 Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 10.58.39

Lapierre Overvolt Carbon AM800 Damian McArthur (12)
The battery is held between the two front down-tubes. Carbon was not used for its weight characteristics, in this case Lapierre continue to use the larger handle bar Intuvia Bosch display.
Lapierre Overvolt Carbon AM800 Damian McArthur (10)
The Bosch CX power unit with a customized cover plate.
Lapierre Overvolt Carbon AM800 Damian McArthur (11)
Internal cable routing is standard throughout.
Lapierre Overvolt Carbon AM800 Damian McArthur (9)
140 mm of rear travel via the OST+ VPP link.
Lapierre Overvolt Carbon AM800 Damian McArthur (1)

The non drive side view of the bike shows the frame design that allows easy battery removal, and a recessed key opening to lock the battery in place.

As of launch their was no pricing or weights available, Lapierre mentioned that the UK vote had something to do with their pricing decisions.

Overvolt AM500+

In the trail category Lapierre have built on and updated their previous offering to arrive at the AM500+. The bike is available in three versions depending on component build.

Lapierre Overvolt AM 500 Alu Damian McArthur (3)

Lapierre Overvolt AM 500 Alu Damian McArthur (1)




With the same head angle as the 900+ the Overvolt AM500+ is a lower performance version based around an aluminum frame set. Again the OST+ rocker is used to give a virtual pivot point which in combination with the Rockshox shock has been tuned for an all round ride. Handling will be along the lines of the traditional Overvolt of previous years.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.01.14

Overvolt 500XC

The Overvolt also now has two lower end offerings, one utilizing the Yamaha motor and the other one with the Bosch system. Lapierre’s aim was to create an entry level bike that satisfied the different requirements of less aggressive riders, but with the possibility to still go where you want. With 120mm of travel and Boost hubs which allow the use of plus sized wheels and tyres, the brief was to create an accessible and up-gradable path into the pedal assist world.

Lapierre Overvolt XC 500 Damian McArthur (42)
The Yamaha build option which uses a 500wh battery.
Lapierre Overvolt XC 500 Damian McArthur (30)
The Bosch build option.


Everything is about creating an accessible product that balances price, performance and accessibility.

 xc overvot highlights

Lapierre have kept the same head angle, that allows riders to make safe descents. Climbs are comfortable with a well proportion stack height compared to the more aggressive range toppers.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 11.54.17


With so many bikes on offer for 2017 it can be difficult to pick out the key points, Lapierre’s focus appears to be about updated standards, (which will make some people scream), upgrade possibilities, and choice across the range to fit which ever tyre and wheel combination you feel necessary. Their new carbon model the AM900+ is the kind of bike the Enduro rider will be pushing towards with its focus on reactive supreme handling.

We will have our first ride tests up here at a later date.


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