[First Look] All Mountain Style Honeycomb Frame Guard


All Mountain Style recently sent over a few of their goods for us to check out. We recently installed their Honeycomb Frame Guard. The 10 piece XL sized version that we tested is available in a slew of colors (16 to be exact)…A regular and XXL size is also available and the brand makes a tube strap, mud guard and a stem as well.


  • High impact and rub resistance honeycomb 380 microns semi-rigid PVC.
  • Designed for universal fitting.
  • Minimum weight (28 grams / 0.98 ounces)
  • Cool look & feel – Honeycomb material.
  • Easy to install. Allows repositioning while installing.
  • Automotive-grade materials. Won’t yellow over time. Guaranteed.
  • 10 parts for a universal protection system: 1 big part for the down tube; 4 arrow parts for extending the down tube protection or top tube, 4 parts for the chainstay; 1 rectangle for cable wear protection or other uses.
  • Ideal for Trail, All Mountain, Enduro, Freeride and DH bikes.
  • $36.92 USD



Having 10 pieces in the kit allows you to mix, match and customize. So does 16 different color options with a great deal of different patterns and schemes.

All you’ll really need for the installation is pictured below. Use some isopropyl alcohol and a few paper towels to clean the surface that you’ll be applying the protective sections to. Make sure you give the surface some time to dry out.

As you can see above and below, we made a point to locate a few of the spots where we were starting to have a bit of wear and tear on our frame. In this case, the downtube, from shuttling; and on the seatstays from our heels rubbing.

AMS provides enough pieces in the XL kit that you can cover most of your downtube, both seatstays/chainstays, a section of your top tube and a section on the back of your seat tube.

The downtube guard installed…We could have added some additional layers here, but our Cannondale Jekyll comes with a carbon fiber downtube cover pre-installed. All Mountain Style claims that the dimpled texture helps prevent it from dinging and deforming upon impact. We just installed it, but the material feels very tough so far.

The photo above gives you a closer look at the surface. We were quite relieved by how easily we could remove and reposition the material during the installation process. Additionally, it worked around curves nicely without leaving any bubbles. After a few hours of setting up, the adhesive becomes fixed very firmly, requiring a heat gun or a hair dryer for removal. We’ll be giving our bike plenty of washes and scrubs with this protection installed, so we’ll keep you posted on how it holds up over the long term.

Lastly, looking for a slightly beefier to a Marsh Guard? We’ll be testing the AMS mud guard. It’s about 2 times as thick as your average fender and it comes in 10 colors. We’ll also keep you in the loop with how it treats us…

All Mountain Style

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