[First Look] Dynaplug’s Updated Covert Repair Tool

Dynaplug has recently updated their sneaky little “Covert” repair tool, which is now available for both flat bars and dropper bars. The Chico, California based brand was kind enough to send out a set for testing. While I haven’t had to put the actual plugs to use, I have installed and ridden with a set, so I can spare some thoughts while delivering a few key details as well…


  • Choose between one pair Drop Bar or one pair Flat Bar options
  • Requires a minimum handlebar ID of 18.42mm/0.725in
  • Twin Tube™ in each bar end for multiple plug option
  • Pre-loaded with 2 repair plugs per tube
  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA with US metals and materials
  • Spare hardware and Bondhus L hex wrench included
  • 83 grams (our scale)
  • $125 USD
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Providing you have open ended grips, installation is easy. Basically, each unit slides into the inside of your handlebar. Removing the plug holder/installer/bar cap reveals an insert that is secured with three grub screws. It’s a little tight in there, so Dynaplug includes an allen key with a shortened end. Also, note the frame on the bottom left, which shows an o-ring seal to keep things snug and dry.

Once you take the ends out, you can also remove the loaded plug vessel, which accepts a fatter and a narrower plug – making for a total of four plugs.

In use

To be quite frank I don’t spend a lot of time on much other than lock on grips. In order to use the Covert system with lock ons, you’ll need a dual clamp style lock on grip that doesn’t have end caps built right in. Personally I didn’t have any around so I defaulted to my favorite push on grip from Renthal.

The install went smoothly and only took a couple of minutes and the system is fairly light, simple and clean. It’s quick and easy to remove the plugs and from handling them, I’d reckon they’ll be quite easy to deploy when the time comes. The one minor complaint that I could see arising is essentially the same complaint that some riders have with dual clamp lock ons…If you’re the type of rider (like me) who rests your hands on the outer edges of the grips, then the butt of your palm is resting on metal – which can be uncomfortable. That said, the system did sit at just the right height for an average diameter grip and it seems tough as hell. We’ll keep you posted on how they fare in the long run…


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