Dynaplug Introduces the Racer Pro with Double the Plugs

[Press Release] – The tire-plugging experts (and intergalactic meerkats) at Dynaplug have managed to improve upon their most-popular tire-plugging tool by adding their new Twin-Tube technology to the Racer tool…begetting the RACER PRO!

Tubeless tires are not only faster to ride, they are also faster to repair in the event of a puncture. Dynaplug has established itself as the best solution for fast repairs in the field, and now introduces the Racer Pro, combining the best features of current Racer-series tools into a single tire-plugging masterpiece. Featuring the Twin Tube™ technology debuted on the Covert Handlebar-stashed tire plug tool kit, the Racer Pro has two pre-loaded plug tubes per side, meaning four plugs ready-to-go in an instant.


Machined in Chico California from US-made billet aluminum and stainless steel, the Racer Pro weighs 26g, only 2g more than the prior generation, yet delivers twice the puncture-defeating power!

The Racer Pro comes with snug snap-on caps protecting both sides which pop off to expose the end of the patented Dynaplug tire plug, either the classic size with wheel-friendly soft brass tip or the aluminum Megaplug for extra-mega-big punctures. Riders can flip the Twin Tube around by unthreading it, configuring the tool for their own plug needs.

Racer Pro Kit Includes:

  • Dynaplug® Racer Pro tool
  • 3 Soft-Tip Plugs (Pointed tip)
  • 1 – Megaplug ( Bullet tip)
  • 2- double-sided Twin Tube insertion tubes- 1 with Megaplug on one side and 1 with two Classic Size tubes on the other.

Racer Pro Features:

  • Lightweight – 26g
  • Machined from Aluminum and Stainless Steel in Chico CA
  • $54.99 MSRP


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