[First Look] KS LEV Ci 125mm Dropper Seatpost


We have just got our hands on the new KS LEV Ci 125mm dropper. What makes it unique is the fact that it’s carbon fiber and lightweight but still offers an impressive 125mm of travel. So far, carbon could only be found on the XC range from the Taiwanese brand. The weight reduction is remarkable: the KS LEV has tipped our scales at 388 grams…compare that for example, to 523 grams for the Fox Transfer with the same amount of travel.


The post features a stealth style, internal routing. Carbon fiber body as you can see.

Classic style, fore aft adjustment and head.

Details on the head and its hardware.

The post’s operation is hydraulic, actuated by a steel cable that’s inserted into the silver lever, by way of a stud fixed to the cable itself.

Southpaw remote.

The return speed is adjusted by air pressure, which is managed by the valve under the seat clamp head.

We’ll keep you updated on pricing, availability and performance as it rolls in…


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