[First Look] New Mondraker Crafty Carbon: Lightest E-Bike On The Market

Mondraker presents their new electric mountain bike Crafty Carbon models, breaking the rules with its flagship model RR SL by being the first e-MTB with 29″ and 150mm of travel under 20kg.

Main Features

  • Frame: Stealth Air Carbon
  • Wheels: 29″
  • Suspension: Zero
  • Travel front/rear: 160mm/150mm
  • Hub spacing front/rear: Boost 110×15mm/148×12mm
  • Drivetrain: 1×12
  • Motor: Bosch Performance Line CX 4
  • Battery: Bosch Powertube 625Wh (Crafty RR SL also available with 500Wh battery)
  • Weight: 19,3kg (Crafty RR SL + 500Wh battery); 19,8kg (Crafty RR SL + 625Wh battery); 21,3kg (Crafty RR); 21,8kg (Crafty R)
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Prices: 7.499€ (Crafty R); 8.999€ (Crafty RR); 12.000€ (Crafty RR SL)


For all Crafty Carbon models, Mondraker has refined and optimized its Forward Geometry. The sum of a 76° seat tube angle, 455mm short chainstays, long reach, and a 65.5° head tube angle combined with short 44mm fork offsets and 30mm stems pretend to offer overall better control and handling, stability, and confidence on every terrain, whether you are riding uphill or downhill.



Mondraker has anticipated the future and the new trends that are to come, where weight and performance will play a very important role in some models of electric mountain bikes from different manufacturers.

That is why, to lighten the weight of all Crafty Carbon frames, and thus also achieve a finer and nicer tube at the same time, Mondraker had to make the decision to depend on the battery extraction system, a feature that many will think is not right. While it is true that it is a risky decision, we must take into account that it is a pure performance electric mountain bike, and its purpose is not to be used to make long routes where you need to change the battery halfway.

Crafty Carbon frames use Stealth Air technology, a manufacturing process that starts from the best selection of high modulus carbon fibers and the elaboration of a thorough and complex laminate. They feature a new cooling system that helps dissipate the heat generated by the battery, allowing the air to enter through integrated gills near the steering pipe, flow through the inside of the bottom pipe, and go outside through an outlet which is located above the lower part of the same tube.

Bosch’s new fourth-generation Performance Line CX motor is now more compact, powerful and quiet, and although I like its improvements and operation, I can’t say the same about the display and the remote control, which I would like them to be more compact and ergonomic, like those of Shimano. The Bosch motor speed sensor is located inside the left rear dropout of the frame and the magnet is integrated into the brake rotor itself.

Another very interesting new feature that we can find in the Crafty Carbon models is the Acros ICR (Integrated Cable Routing) steering system that allows the introduction and internal guidance of the rear brake cables, derailleur and seat post from the top of the head tube, leaving a very clean aesthetic on the front of the bicycle.

The Crafty Carbon models feature a new redesigned and optimized kinematics especially according to the needs and rigors of an electric mountain bike. The Zero suspension system stands out for a very sensitive initial behavior, more absorbent and with marked progressivity.

The upper-link is a Trunnion carbon monoblock that offers better lateral torsion stiffness. The 17mm thru-axles together with the oversized Enduro Max bearings offer more durability, perfect for demanding use and capable of withstanding greater loads.

The top of the range model Crafty Carbon RR SL has been created with no compromises, designed for those riders who prioritize maximum lightness and performance over autonomy.

It comes equipped with the new Bosch Performance Line CX motor with an integrated 500Wh Powertube battery, and some of the best components on the market such as Fox Factory suspensions, SRAM’s and RockShox’s AXS electronic system, Shimano XTR brakes, e*thirteen carbon cranks, and DT Swiss carbon wheels.

A dream build like this only weighs 19.3kg, currently being the lightest electric mountain bike on the market with 29″ wheels and 150mm of rear travel. If equipped with the 625Wh battery, which offers 25% more of autonomy, its weight is still less than 20kg, weighing 19.8kg.

In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful and exclusive electric mountain bikes I’ve seen so far.

In Action

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to try the new Crafty Carbon around Gondramaz, a beautiful small town belonging to the Aldeias de Xisto located in the Serra da Lousã, Portugal.

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate during the test. Heavy rains made the trails complicated, leaving big puddles and a lot of mud, forcing me to be almost more aware of the unknown terrain than the bike itself, trying not to crash as I rode over slippery roots and rocks.

Although I could not enjoy the new Crafty Carbon to its full potential, my first impressions were the following:

My height is around 1.81m and I tested both size M and L. Taking into account my riding style, I always prioritize the handling and playfulness of a bicycle above all. Considering the geometry numbers and that it has 29” wheels when turning and jumping, I felt more comfortable with an M, unlike with the L, which although it was more stable at high speeds, and perhaps a little more comfortable to pedal, I noticed it felt a bit long for my liking.

It was a shame not to be able to try the new Crafty Carbon and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and trails of the Serra da Lousã in better weather conditions, with some more sun and less mud and water, since it seems that Mondraker has created a very capable electric mountain bike.


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