[First Look] SRAM Roam 60 Wheelset



We just got our hands on a set of SRAM’s new Roam 60 Carbon wheels; the brand’s first foray into not only a much wider rim, but also a hookless profile as well.  At the hub the wheels incorporate some of the already successful technology that SRAM have utilized before, but the rim is where the bulk of the advancements lie…




• 27.5″
• Front 750g
• Rear 875g (Weights are in the lightest configuration)
• 24 Spokes
• 2 cross lacing pattern
• Double Butted 2.0/1.8 bladed steel spokes
• “Solo Spoke” – same length all spokes
• External aluminum nipples
• Asymmetrical, hookless rim profile
• Unidirectional carbon fiber rim
• Tubeless ready
• Torque Cap availability
• Boost and non Boost dimensions available
• $900(Front)
• $1229(Rear)

4 pawls and 26 teeth provide a quick 52 point engagement. The XD driver can be pulled off and rebuilt without tools.
The asymmetrical rim profile makes for a wheel with less dish, thus making the wheel stronger as a whole.
Hookless flange. The tire bead doesn’t lock into a channel in the rim. Surprisingly, this leads to less burping, but even more importantly, a stronger rim which can better handle impacts when the tire bottoms out.
The hubs are designed specifically so that the ROAM 60 runs the same spoke length all the way around and spokes can be changed without removing the cassette or the brake rotor.
Torque caps. With RockShox forks that are built to accept these caps, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in stiffness.
It’s a bit easier to see the asymmetrical nature of the rim when you see the valve installed.
1710 grams on our scale WITH tape & valves. Our configuration is 15mm X 100mm with Torque Caps up front and 12mm X 142mm out back.

That’s all for now.  We just bolted these up and we’ll be beating on them all summer so we’ll report back on how they held up in a few months.  Stay tuned.



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