[First Look] Supurb Bikes Kids 20″ BO20 E-MTB



Going for a bike ride with dad is probably one of the coolest things kids can do. The problem for most kids is keeping up on the hills or if you want to go a bit further, kids can get tired with their smaller legs. Supurb Bikes from Germany have been thinking about that and have produced a really cool 20″ wheel E-mountain bike for kids based around their BO20 model. At this stage the BO20 E-bike is in pre-production with final details yet to be confirmed. Finding this bike under the Christmas tree would probably be one of the best presents ever. We take a closer look at a little rippers dream machine.



A BO20 E-bike for kids! A battery and 250w motor mean that you can now keep up with dad.


  • Frame: Light weight Alloy 6061 custom frame with thread less headset, integrated seat post pinch bolt and standard threaded bottom bracket. No quoted total weight as yet.
  • Wheels: SRAM hubs with disc brakes, 20″ wheels. Rear motor in rear hub wheel. Schwalbe tyres.
  • Fork: Ridged fork with disc brake attachments.
  • Brakes: Formula R1 160mm discs
  • Drive Train: Drop stop 30T front chain ring with BCD 104 bolt pattern 127mm cranks, SRAM XO rear dérailleur on a 10 speed cassette.
  • Power System: Custom motor and power control unit (250W max, maximum torque 30NM), parent can set motor speed and power according to child’s ability. Range 25-30km depending on elevation gains.
  • Sizing: From 50-116 cm and max 50 kilo weight. Ideal for 5 years and on.
  • Price: Non E-bike versions come in at around 500-800 Euros, the E-bike version will retail for more, as yet to be confirmed.


The 127mm crank system. Put any ring size you like, 30T-36T is possible.


The battery is stored in the water bottle holder.


The bar and stem is all standard, and thus upgradeable. The power is set and controlled by the parent with the on board computer.


A ridged fork, with a standard headset, it is possible to fit a suspension fork if you can make one.


A 10 speed SRAM cassette and rear hub motor drive system.


SRAM provide the shifting with their XO system.


The saddle is as light weight as possible, and fully adjustable fore and aft for sizing.


For safety a front light has been included on the set-up.


The power control unit is removable and programmable.


160mm discs, should provide ample stopping power for light weight riders.


A good choice of tyre  with the table top HS373 from Schwalbe that will work fine in most off road environments for kids.


Proper bike handle grips that fit the standard handle bar measurements.


The seat post bolt is integrated so the saddle can be lowered to a lowest situation possible and there is nothing to get caught on.


The power control unit, motor and battery only add 2.8 kilos to the bike.


Obviously as it is to small for us we could not try the bike. However testing with our kids has concluded that the system is a lot of fun and that the regulated power is a key feature for parents. The key aspecst of the bike is that it fits universal bike standards for components, so most dads could upgrade their kids bike as much as they like, go for a ride with you and your kid can keep up.



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