fi’zi:k Versus X Range Saddles

fi’zi:k already offers VERSUS saddles with a longitudinal channel to reduce pressure on sensitive parts of a rider’s anatomy. The new VERSUS X range evolves the concept further, with a much deeper channel. The VERSUS X channel is 20mm deep and required fi’zi:k to re-engineer the padding formulation to retain performance and comfort.
Performance and durability
Most saddles with channels or cutaways rely on material being removed from the shell, but this can lead to excessive flex and premature failure. fi’zi:k’s VERSUS X saddles are designed for performance riding, making power transfer and durability very important. In order to build a saddle with a deep channel that remains stiff and strong, VERSUS X saddles use a unique shell design with carbon-reinforced nylon construction. The VERSUS X shell is as stiff as a conventional saddle but with the added comfort benefits of a deep channel. On top of the shell is foam padding specially developed for the VERSUS X. Each VERSUS X saddle has a different combination of foam densities to fit the characteristics of different saddle shapes. VERSUS X technology is available in fi’zi:k’s Arione, Antares and Aliante shapes, with each shape suiting a different riding style. fi’zi:k’s Spine Concept categorizes riders according to their flexibility, from the most flexible Snakes to the least flexible Bulls. The different saddles are shaped accordingly. With the different shapes of the Spine Concept plus the VERSUS and VERSUS X channel options, fi’zi:k has a saddle to suit any rider.
AntaresVSX_Kium_side_white ArioneVSX_kium_side_white AlianteVSX_Kium_side_white
Range options
Each VERSUS X saddle design is available with a choice of K:ium rails or ultralight, stiff braided carbon. Weights range from 210g, meaning that there’s very little weight penalty if you’re a rider that needs a deep channel for comfort.
VERSUS X saddles overview
Arione VERSUS X Braided – Suggested Retail Price €199,00 / $220,00
Arione VERSUS X K:ium – Suggested Retail Price €149,00 /$170,00
Aliante VERSUS X Braided – Suggested Retail Price €199,00 /$220,00
Aliante VERSUS X K:ium – Suggested Retail Price €149,00/ $170,00
Antares VERSUS X Braided – Suggested Retail Price €199,00 /$220,00
Antares VERSUS X K:ium  – Suggested Retail Price €149,00 /$170,00
Arione VERSUS X Braided – 215g
Arione VERSUS X K:ium – 255g
Aliante VERSUS X Braided – 229g
Aliante VERSUS X K:ium – 270g
Antares VERSUS X Braided – 209g
Antares VERSUS X K:ium– 240g
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