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The all-new 29” XC racing fully, the FOCUS O1E, has a name that reveals its intentions: the top step of the podium. Cre- ated using FOCUS’s race-proven design language, the carbon frame employs the state-of-the-art FOCUS OPTIMIZED LINKAGE DESIGN (F.O.L.D) rear suspension. Engineered for race domination, the bike’s rigid frame, efficient rear and modern geometry renders it a worthy weapon for a show of force on the World Cup circuit.

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Brutally steep, energy-sapping climbs followed by hard-core technical descents over rock gardens, skull- sized stones and mud. Racing in the red, full gas defined. A course that pushes bike and rider to their limits and demanding razor-sharp reflexes. This is what it’s like today; this is the standard scenario on the cur- rent XC World Cup circuit, the stimulus for our all-new 29” XC racing fully, the FOCUS O1E. An aggressive machine, its 100 mm front and rear travel gives you everything you need for the wildest race circuits. Flo- rian Vogel, former European Champion and FOCUS XC team rider, has been intricately involved throughout the entire development process.

High-end carbon for a record low weight and lightning quick acceleration.
At the heart of this full suspension 29” racing bike is the featherweight high-end carbon chassis, which nudges the scales at just 1830 g (size M) while still resonating with astonishing levels of stiffness. Developed in Germany, it is a feat of design enabled by FOCUS’s own knowledge to carbon layup. With larger tube profiles where you need it – such as the chainstays and the toptube, which widens significantly where it meets the head tube – creating an ultra stiff chassis, the bike is ultra efficient to meet the demands of the strongest riders.

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The F.O.L.D. rear suspension design: optimal traction and high efficiency.
Demanding riders can draw on unrivalled support from the patented FOCUS OPTIMIZED LINKAGE DESIGN (F.O.L.D. for short). Developed and designed by FOCUS, the O1E employs 100 mm of travel thanks to this suspension design.

“Thanks to the F.O.L.D. rear suspension design, we can now employ new production meth- ods to create one-part rear triangles that are virtually 100% carbon, eradicating the need for additional inserts. What this means is a construction that’s stiffer and safer.”
Thomas Trapp. head of engineering

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This technology permits FOCUS engineers to create an optimal and balanced 29” racing fully with a low, centralised centre of gravity, meaning the bike stays satisfyingly planted in quick corners and rough terrain. The F.O.L.D. de- sign on the FOCUS O1E has been further fine-tuned to meet the demands of cross-country racing and therefore boasts the ultimate pedal and travel efficiency as well as the finest small-bump responsiveness. The dimensions of the rear end and suspension linkages, particularly on the guide link, have been optimized for the perfect rear end stiffness that gives you an extra dose of traction.

“To ensure an extra edge in races, we’ve even kitted out the O1E with a pair of F.O.L.D. carbon linkage arms to further reduce the central mass and increase rigidity and forgiveness at the rear.”
Philipp Klein, product manager

Modern geometry for an incredible performance.
Thanks to the joint assets of its modern geometry and the F.O.L.D. rear suspension design, which is comfortable and capable of awesome acceleration in equal measures, the FOCUS O1E is a missile on both ups and downs. Consequently, both everyday amateurs and the pros on the FOCUS XC team will draw the same benefits from the steep 74.5° seat angle, which ensures every watt of exerted energy is optimally transferred while pedalling on steep, technical climbs. The bike’s long 448 mm chainstays, a deliberate choice, guarantee that the front wheel always stays planted even on the steepest gradients in filthy, slippery conditions. The FOCUS O1E also willingly combats rapid changes of direction with ease, as the suspension’s low centre of gravity creates playful handling.
Thanks to the freedom created by the bike’s generous reach (size M: 435 mm), this pure-blooded racer is in its element when it comes to technical descents.

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Performance-orientated details on the three FOCUS O1E models.
Not scrimping on any details, this race-ready novelty redefines the status quo. You can add a compact front derailleur mount, for example, providing an elegant solution for all XC racers and marathon riders who prefer a classic 2by driv- etrain. Eliminating the risks of dirt, trail spray and debris, the gear cables are internally routed, underlining the clean look at the bike. The O1E is also dropper post compatible, tapping into an increasingly sought-after detail within the discipline of cross-country.

“The compatibility for dropper posts is super important for nowerdays demands of cross-country.”
Patrick Schmidt, engineer

The integrated seat and chainstay protector shields the carbon from chain slap and renders the O1E an extremely quiet racing bike. Keyword rear: thanks to the FOCUS R.A.T thru-axle, any urgent wheel changes can be complet- ed at a pace to rival F1. It’s a detail that fuses logically into the frame design, very much like the F.O.L.D. rear suspension design.
Keeping the performance aspect at the core, there are three FOCUS O1E models: ‘Evo’, ‘Pro’, and ‘Team’. The top-of-the-range Team model soaks up hits with the RE1 carbon forks from RockShox while the 1×12 XX1 Ea- gle drivetrain from SRAM takes care of shifting. A wide spectrum of riders can exploit the enjoyment of this racing machine thanks to the three wisely-proportioned frame sizes.

FOCUS O1E – the racing machine for the world’s most technically challenging cross-country circuits.

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On the hunt for the ultimate riding experience, FOCUS developed and patented an entirely new suspension design. This technology has been optimized to deliver performance in the widest range of circumstances. We call this system the FOCUS OPTIMIZED LINKAGE DESIGN.

F.O.L.D. embodies the ultimate rear suspen- sion performance. Enabling our engineers to optimize the linkage to a great variety of demands and to ensure the highest level of fun on any adventures.


The system’s travel is divided in two phases. Within the first phase of travel, the system works degressively for super sensitivity, thereby eliminating microbumps and generating immense grip.
The second phase of the travel offers fine tuned progression for both plushness and feedback while still ensuring enough bottom-out resistance. So the rider is always in control of the bike.

To match this technology and to generate the ultimate riding performance we use only dedicated tuned shocks.


The Guidelink affects the rear end stiffness. Our engineers have worked on the balance between rigidity and forgiveness of the chassis.
The dimensioning of the Mainlink and Guidelink has been de- signed to form the ultimate combination of rear end stiffness and maximum grip even when riding through the deepest ruts and the roughest corners.


All suspension hardware is located in the frame’s center. The resulting low center of gravity ena- bles superb handling that gives you extra con- fidence, especially on technical terrain and cornering.
The optimized centralised mass affects the riding dynamic as well as the great han- dling of the bike.


The core of the F.O.L.D. design is the one piece rear triangle, which results not only in massive weight savings but also significantly minimizes the unsprung weight.
All bearings are centralised in the main frame. As a result of that all suspension hardware is secure of mud-spray from the backwheel.


The FD-Mount on the BURRITO BRIDGE is an innovative feature for all who still want to run a 2by-setup. For all others – simply dismount it. A feature, which not only saves weight but also looks damn good.

The very compact and space saving F.O.L.D. system allows for mounting a 0,5 l bottle throughout all frame sizes.




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