Formula Expands Range with 2 New CTS Valves

With CTS technology we’ve brought the evolution of mountain bike suspension to a new level of precision and reliability. Each time we work on the development of a new technology we follow two guidelines: 1) having maximum customization; 2) ease of use. With the Compression Tuning System we’ve achieved the perfect combination of both these requirements. Normally, when you buy a new fork and you want a custom tuning to suit your riding style, you have to look to a third party for help. This often involves increased costs as well as a voiding of the guarantee in most cases. With the CTS we’ve managed to revolutionize how the customization of mountain bike forks is approached. Thanks to a range of seven valves for customizing your fork, you too will be able to find the optimal setting for your riding requirements. An obvious advantage of this system is that using different valves is like having more than one forks, each one appropriate for different situations.


The CTS range consists of seven valves that transform the way your fork behaves. These are not modifications effected through the use of traditional external controls. The CTS valve is a fundamental structural part of the hydraulic cartridge, changing the valve means changing the cartridge itself, modifying fork’s behaviour.

Ease of installation is one of the fundamental aspects of CTS technology, a feature that sets up a new horizon in the personalization of mountain bike suspension. Thanks to our special CTS Tool, replacing the valve becomes the simplest of operations that anyone can carry out in his own workshop in less than 5 minutes and without taking the fork off the bike. Freedom means maximum tuning potential together with extreme ease of use. For a tutorial on how to change CTS valves, go to .

The seven CTS valves in our range cover all areas of mountain bike use. All this with unprecedented simplicity in installation: you can change the fork setting without working on the internal parts, without even having to take the fork off the bike.

The blue Regular Medium (RM) valve is fitted as standard on all Formula forks. The Selva, the 35 and the 33 models come straight out of the box equipped with it. This valve has been designed to satisfy the most common requirements of most riders. With the RM, the fork remains generally linear in its behaviour during the very first part of the travel, remaining consistently comfortable and sensitive to small bumps. At medium compression speed, this valve allows the fork to become more progressive in a very smooth way, i.e. avoiding any brusque changes in behaviour. In this way, the work will always support you, without losing comfort and sensitivity. At high compression speed it becomes more progressive, but without increasing compression resistance in a brusque manner. In other words, with the Regular Medium valve the fork remains progressive and firm throughout suspension travel, without ever compromising the feeling of extreme comfort.

The grey Regular Soft (RS) valve has been designed for lighter riders, or for those looking for a more linear behaviour at medium compression speed. At low compression speed the grey valve behaves almost identically to the blue valve. At medium compression speed it provides a constantly progressive behaviour to the fork, but at the same time it produces a strong comfort feeling in absorbing the shocks of a rough trail. The same thing happens at high compression speed – the RS valve continues to support, increasing the suspension progression, but without ever abandoning that feeling of comfort and infinite travel. As well as for lighter riders or for cross country and light all mountain use, the grey RS valve is also suitable for all those looking for extreme sensitivity and smoothness in the central part of travel, but without ever excessively compromising progression in the final stage.

The red Regular Firm (RF) valve has been designed to suit the needs of more aggressive riders who are looking for a fork that is firmer and more progressive than average settings. Nevertheless, the red valve doesn’t modify behaviour at low compression speed, thus maintaining its comfort and its extreme sensitivity to small bumps. Things change when the going gets tough: the speeds increase and the trail gets rougher. At medium compression speed the RF valve offers greater progression and support than the RM valve: progression is accentuated, but is achieved gradually, never brusquely. At high compression speeds, when you come to those steep, extremely technical sections, high speeds and jumps, the red valve offers greater progression than the blue valve. In other words the red RF valve is for those who look for greater support at medium and high compression speed, without compromising sensitivity to small bumps and comfort in the first part of the travel. Used as an alternative to the blue valve, the red RF valve allows you to have a specific setting for demanding use or races, but without changing the behaviour of the fork at low compression speed.

The gold Special Soft (SS) valve has also been designed to be firmer at low and medium compression speed. This is a valve that was planned specifically for use in cross country racing. With the gold SS valve you have the maximum of support for a sudden burst on the pedals, or for an uphill stretch that means you’re out of the saddle. This support in no way compromises general comfort, the fork continues to have a smooth, never sudden progression, remaining comfortable right up to high compression speed. Comfort is an important element in stamina disciplines. Managing not to tire forearms and upper limbs is very important in remaining efficient throughout the entire duration of the race, and for this reason a firm fork, but one that is still comfortable, is the foundation of a good performance. As well as cross country racing, the Special Soft is appropriate for light riders who are looking for a more aggressive tuning or expert riders who don’t want to make big compromises at high compression speed and who want a feeling of infinite travel in the central part. All this, however, without compromising on the sensation of firmness provided by the fork.

The green Special Firm (SF) valve is the first of our valves from the Special family. Special valves have been designed to behave almost like the Regular valves at high compression speed, while at the same time being firmer at lower and medium compression speed. The green SF valve has a specific use: enduro racing. It is aimed particularly at more expert riders whose main goal is riding fast and race. Given the velocity in today’s enduro racing, and considering the increasingly technical and demanding tracks, the green SF offers more support than the red RF, both at medium and at high compression speed. The SF valve grants the fork a continuous progression that is never brusque, thus better favouring aggressive riding. In fact it’s firmer at medium and low compression speed, but without being too progressive and so avoids being uncomfortable at high compression speed. In other words, the Special Firm is the perfect choice for all those riders who have a biking style that is both fast and aggressive.

The orange Special Medium valve (SM) has been designed to offer damping characteristics that sit between the Special Soft and Special Firm. This valve is aimed at riders who are happy with an intermediate setup and that therefore would use the normal Blue valve (Regular Medium), but that are looking for more support in the first stage of the travel. By using the Special Medium CTS valve, the rider will notice increased support in the initial part of the travel, with a gentle ramp-up in progressivity deeper in the travel. The orange SM valve is simply a blue valve (Regular Medium) with much more low-speed support, therefore suitable for riders of average weight and more aggressive riding style, seeking a more supportive setup.

The family of CTS valves is completed by a light blue valve dedicated to E-Bike use. E-Bikes are now a large part of the mountain biking spectrum. Nowadays, E-Bikes offer a different approach compared to mountain bikes, which is getting more users involved in this sport. However, there are no specific shock absorbers for E-Bikes yet on the market. E-Bike components have different requirements to normal mountain bikes, especially with regard to suspension. The weight of an E-Bike is greater than that of a normal bike, and this in turn has a big effect on the suspension setup required. In order to meet the specific requirements of the E-Bikes, we have designed a CTS valve specialised for this discipline. The Special E-Bike CTS valve (SE) is similar to our Special Firm valve, but adjusted to the needs of an E-Bike. The SE valve offers performance tuned exactly for the needs of an E-Bike, consisting of supple initial travel, but with enough support and progressivity throughout the whole stroke without harsh bottom out, to provide a confidence inspiring ride when descending on a heavy bike. Thanks to the use of the light blue SE valve, it is now possible to adjust the fork to unique needs of this new discipline.


Compression Tuning System: Immediate Release
The extended Compression Tuning System: October 2017.


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