Formula launches Cura-E brake for e-bikes


Following SRAM’s announcement the Guide RE, Formula is also presenting an e-bike specific brake, thee Cura-E.  This brake adds in some very interesting elements to the mix. ..

Master Cylinder


The Cura-E’s axial master cylinder has an intuitive lever feeling and responsive modulation. The lever, being one of the most intimate parts of the bike, was designed for the rider’s desire for more modulation to control the brake’s power. The large reservoir has multiple bleed ports and resides entirely above the master cylinder piston for simple, worry free bleeding.


The Cura-E is a clean, simple, and great riding brake designed to fit all riders and their bikes. The lever, designed for the human factor, is our most ergonomic and intuitive yet. With how capable mountain bikes have become at conquering any trail our caliper is proficient in taming the bike to overcome the trail.



We engineered our caliper for more pad clearance and consistent pad rollback. As bicycle design evolves, so must the components. The Cura-E’s two-piece caliper was entirely created for modern bicycles and what they can achieve on the trail.


The massive 24mm caliper pistons give the Cura-E consistent power for any style of riding on any bike. Cura-E_Studio_3

Many bike frames are designed for internal routing but all too often the brakes are left out. We have equipped the Cura-E’s caliper with our SpeedLock valve for quick disconnection of the hose for efficient internal routing time and time again.

Mineral Oil

This new era of Formula disc brakes has given us the chance to change our status quo. The Cura-E is Formula’s first brake to use mineral oil. Our brake performance standards have always been out of the range for the inclusion of mineral oil. We have finally found and use a mineral oil that complements the performance of our brakes.



1-Piece rotor is our standard for all riding styles. It features the same aggressive braking surface as the 2-piece rotor. The vent design increases lateral stiffness by 40% reducing noise and vibration.



2-Piece rotor features an aluminum carrier that does more than look great. The aluminum core acts as a heat sink, pulling heat away from the caliper increasing performance by keeping the pads and the brake fluid cool. The carrier also increases laterally rigidity and allows for the expansion and contraction of the steel braking surface to be directed 90° from the hub.

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