[Gallery] Red Bull Rampage Day One


Good morning Rampage…After all of the anticipation, it’s finally on. It’s been incredible to see just the ingenuity that riders and diggers have. When we left last year, we thought that this beautiful but harrowing arena looked as if there was no more room for new lines. Boy were we wrong…

You could call Dale Womack the gate keeper. As you can see below, he watches over everything like a hawk, ensuring riders stay safe.
Brett Rheeder packing and prepping…
R-Dog landing a perfectly centered and completely bizarre lens flare on his way up.
Brandon Semenuk spinning into first light.
R-Dog taking his first run off the top.
Riders are taking two routes off the top and right into the heart. Vinny T was the first to drop in from the top of the ridge. His line mates Andreu Lacondeguy and Bas VanSteenbergen look on.
Bas getting buck.
Cam Zink intends to take a more direct line, starting with a drop – close to the top of the mountain.
Andreu, almost at the bottom of the chute.
No one got as wild as Vinny T.
Pierre Edouard Ferry was first to drop on the line he shares with Zink/Strait. Frenchies can ride the steeps apparently.
Happy 30th birthday R-Dog!
Kurt Sorge was getting after it all day and eagerly pushing right back up.
Tom VanSteenbergen popping into the light with a HUGE superman.
Tommy G on the UP!
If you want to know why R-Dog’s line is so dialed and why our Instagram stories have been so on point – here’s your answer. Simon Silver keeping and eye on R-Dog’s line all while getting the best iPhone clips on the hill.
Claw sent the top drop late in the evening.
Still the toughest dude on the hill.
Bizet has a very ambitious line a few features below this. We’ll keep you posted on how it goes.
Ethan Nell has been charging SUPER hard and turning heads. It’s really cool to see the newcomers getting in the mix.
Big dog meeting. These boys plan to ride straight from the top tomorrow. It will be insane…Who will go first?
Sunset in Virgin.
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