Gary Perkin’s Santa Cruz Hightower DOODLE BIKE

Presenting the all new 2020 Santa Cruz Hightower!

But not just any Hightower, this is Gary Perkin’s completely unique Hightower, Illustrated by Sam Needham that we got lucky enough to be invited to film it getting built!


From Sam:

“The inspiration behind the doodles all came from Gary… Moments in time, people, places, music, objects all personal to him. The new Hightower was the canvas to try and get a little slice of Gary’s life drawn out on it.”

“We started with a blank matte white frame and a good selection of Sharpie pens. From there it was a case of going through a list of inspiration from Gary, plenty of messages and chatting back and forth and a lot of hovering over the frame with a Sharpie before making a mark. It took about 2 days of drawing to complete the frame, before it went to Fat Creations to get a coat of lacquer put on. This was also a long process and needed carefully applying in order to stop the ink bleeding, so we were pretty chuffed Ali (Fat Creations) was able to turn the top coat around in time for the bike’s debut ride at the final Trans Provence.”

Check them both out on Instagram, you won’t regret it, two of the most creative people in the MTB world:

Gary Perkin:

Sam Needham:

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