[Video] High Rollers – Vanderham, Iago Garay, & Kim Hardin

Sitting at 8,909 ft above sea level, Crested Butte, CO is one of the origins of mountain biking. In the mid 70’s, Crested Butte’s free-spirited locals began riding the treacherous 12,000 ft mountain passes on heavy, one-speed klunkers. While those early days were more high elevation sufferfest than fun, it laid the foundation for mountain biking in this area which eventually spread around the world. The MTB heritage runs deep in Crested Butte no doubt, and Dakine riders Thomas Vanderham, Iago Garay, and Kim Hardin set out to explore this legendary area. Replacing the heavy and primitive bikes of the past with the latest carbon fiber wonder-whips of today, the Dakine crew let loose with a display of riding Crested Butte’s forefathers could only dream about. The result is High Rollers. Enjoy!



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