GHOST-Bikes present the hardTRAIL

[ad3][Press Release]Ghost-Bikes presents #hardTRAIL: ASKET to escape the City
Asceticism -according to an ancient greek tradition, this way of life reflects the virtue of exercising. For developing your very own skills, self-control and forming your own, incorruptible individual. Incorruptible exactly describes our ASKET. Through reflecting the traditions and roots of mountain biking we created a hardtail, purified to the bare essentials, to give back the joy of exercising not only to purists but to everyone.
The ASKET is hitting the ascents incredibly fast, but when taken to the downhills, it will really show it’s capabilities! The extremely stiff carbon frame excels by uncompromised acceleration and razor sharp Handling. You’ve never cutted lines into trails as precise as you do with the ASKET!

unnamed (3)No excuses: thanks to it’s aggressive geometry, the slack head angle, buttery-smooth 130mm travel with Fox’ 34 forks and gravity-specific 35mm cockpit, you can’t blame the bike if you’re still slow! Riding our ASKET means accepting challenges on trails you’d probably hit with a fully. But ASKET let you reap the rewards.


unnamed (4)This concept of minimalism without unnecesary complexity has been proven many times by now. ASKET is the benchmark of a new breed of bikes for trail usage and thus is more than just a hardtail – it’s a #hardTRAIL!

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