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A few weeks back during Sea Otter, we were invited to a press launch that was a bit unexpected.  Fitbit, a Silicon Valley based company who makes wearable exercise devices gave us a presentation on how their watches can in fact be quite advantageous for cycling.  Unsurprisingly we were scratching our heads a bit upon arrival, and to be honest we left a bit confused as well.  We didn’t really see the light until we got home, downloaded the fitbit smartphone application and began tinkering with the device.  While we’re just starting to incorporate this device into our daily rides, here is a quick overlook of it’s capabilities in the meantime. _DSC0189



• 7 Day battery life on a 1-2 hour charge • Seamlessly syncs activity with Strava • Touch screen • Lightweight • Measures heartrate • GPS enabled • $249.95

Crystal clear display.
Fitbit devices measure your heart rate from your wrist. Say goodbye to that obnoxious chest strap.
A close up of the heart rate sensor. LED’s and all. USB charge port pictured to the right of the LED.
The touch screen interface is dialed. You can select each program with the button on the left.
The bottom right button selects which exercise you’re choosing. In this case, we’re obviously biking!
It just takes a quick second for the Fitbit to find a GPS signal, then you’re off…
GPS tracks your milage and eventually elevation, although you don’t see elevation in real time, it will appear in your Strava upload after your ride.
Live calorie count.
The buttons are easy to reach and use, even with gloves.
Sturdy strap with a broad, durable clasp.


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