Gravaa – Wheels with on the fly Tire Pressure Adjustment

Have you ever wanted to be able to adjust your tire pressure according to the type of terrain you are riding, on the fly? Dutch brand Gravaa has designed carbon wheels with hubs in which there is a miniaturized high-pressure pump, which is activated using the rotation of the wheels themselves.


The clutch required to activate the pump is connected to the hub via an electro-pneumatic mechanism at the input of the rider, who manages the system via a remote handlebar control. This is to avoid energy loss when the system is not in use.

The wheels are compatible with all standard bikes on the market, for both MTB and gravel.

According to Gravaa, these would be the advantages:

  • Check the pressure as you pedal.
  • Go faster by adapting the pressure to the ground: more grip on loose, less rolling resistance on hard
  • More security
  • Leave the pump at home
  • Learn about tire pressure (the system is compatible with various bike computers via ANT +)

At the moment we don’t know weights, specifications and prices, but in a few months the webshop on their site should be online with more details.



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